Monday, May 06, 2013

20 Weeks left...

to train for the Seattle 3day walk.  I have earned more than 1/2 of my donation goal to do the 3day. Most of it has been sales of charms and some from sales of lanyards.  I am earning these donations that is for sure.

I did the 21 week training schedule and will now be working on the 20 week schedule.  It is beautiful in Seattle right now and this is what makes me love it here.

may peace be with everyone.  Hug those you love and cherish every moment you have with them.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Keep on moving forward...

At least it is Friday and it is a sunny bright day; what else is there to be concerned with right :)

I did my 4 miles the other day and did my 1/2 hour cross training yesterday so I did that.  Saturday morning will be 5K day where I will walk and jog by 3 miles and then go back and finish walking with my sister. I am supposed to do 5 miles on Saturday and 4 on Sunday that should be  breeze!!

Looking forward to a very nice sunny weekend.

Work is still the same every time I take a couple steps forward someone pulls me back 5 so I can never make any progress.  I am tried of waiting for everyone else to get things done until they HAVE to have it and then it is on me to get it done in their time frame and I mess up every time.  Owell....I guess I just need to make my fortune and then I won't have to work unless I want to.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It really just sucks...

When you are not happy with what you have to do everyday.  All I want to do is prepare for the 3day walk, work in my yard or around my home but instead I have to come to a job everyday that I feel inadequate and dumb doing. 

Its been a long time since I felt good about the job I was doing. I keep trying to make it better and at this point I am not sure what else to try....

On a happier note..yesterday was "rest" day, well really Monday was but since I knew I could not do the needed training on Tuesday I did it Monday.  Today is either 3o minute cross-train or a moderate 5 miles....hmmm what to do. I will probably do the 5 miles today and go to a class to do the cross train tomorrow for 60 minutes instead of 30.  Watch for the update tomorrow :)

142 days to go and I have about 50% of my fundraising goal met....I should be able to make it no problem with the events I have scheduled, hopefully :)