Thursday, September 20, 2007

I blinked

And September is almost gone....

Its been busy but I really haven't stressed on it too much. Just kinda gone with the flow and realized what gets done gets done and I can only do what I can do.....all I can think is "the meds must be working" :)

Still haven't had any time to browse....doing the 'My Thing' but wanted to share this...

this is a picture Steve and I took from the plane on the way to Arizona on vacation....I think it is amazing...we took several, this is my favorite.

Mt. Rainier, WA

I hope everyone is doing well!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wow Long time

Well My Steve is home, we had our vacation, school has started, soccer has started, cub scouts have started, I am a year older and work is busy busy busy.

I went to my parents house tonight and they are busy cleaning out their garage. In their garage where some of my things. It is funny reading some of the things I have written in school years ago.

I wrote this when I was 16. Still sounds appealing. An English paper.....

Ideal Place
I want to go where I can be free of city noise and city hassles, where the grass is green and the sky is blue. Riding horses through the meadow, listening to the wind go by me in a flash, is what appeals to me. Having a picnic on the grass with the warm suns hays amidst me. I want to go where I can enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass in my yard instead of a smokestack fumes. To be safe from pollution and smog in the clean place where only few go. To see the stars in the fresh, clear night with someone special, is something I'd enjoy. having dinner by a fire, eating fresh cooked fish caught earlier in the day would be a nice way to end that day.

Its funny huh.