Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lake Pend Oreille

*pictures are small because my dial up connection is SOOOOOO slow I can't stand it

Last week was our long planned vacation to Idaho's wondrous Lake Pend Orielle. It was beautiful!! We stayed at a house rented through Sandpoint Idaho vacation rentals. It was a beautiful 4 bedroom house that overlooked the lake. We had thought it was lake front but it was actually "lake walk down the steep driveway, cross the dirt road and walk down the next steep driveway"...But still wonderful. We had our own private dock where we kept my cousins boat during the night. We didn't spend much time down at that dock because I don't think the neighbors liked us too much he told my sister and I "You need to tell your boyfriends they should keep it down till they are out a bit......"I guess he did not like it when my cousin took my brother for a ski from the dock. It wasn't like anyone was in the water and we did not know that there was a 200 foot no wake zone in the water. I felt like a teenager getting into trouble. It was kind of funny and I joked about it all night. ( I wanted to knock on his door and tell him I could not tell my boyfriend since I did not have one but once I got one I would be sure to let him know)

Steve had a wondrous time with everyone. He loved it all. He went inner tubing with my cousins daughter and myself. He also went kayaking with my brother and another cousins son.

There were 16 of us total that was staying there. When you get that many people in one house you realize that: some people are just never satisfied with all that they have, some people are ALWAYS on vacation; and that some people who dont work, don't clean the house, don't watch their own kids...still have WAY to much to do..just ask them.

We also when to Silverwood theme park. This park has rides and a water park. Its pretty good if you like that sort of thing. Rides don't do much for me and the lines leave a little be desired. I would recommend not going on a weekend because the lines during the week are bad enough. We spent about 11 hours there that day. The food was pretty reasonably priced and you got plenty of it.

Lake Pend Oreille is huge, clean and cold. But it is also a blast!! There are not houses all around it, its not crowed with every inch of people living around the lake. The most amazing thing......I actually got a tan and WOW that is some task. But actually if I look real close its just all my freckles all mashed together....or maybe its just dirt...ok just kidding I do shower everyday 8)

Anyway I hope all is well.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Hi all.....I am doing just fine. Steve is great. We have been very very busy....between work and play it seems that time just goes and goes. We just returned from our week long vacation and hopefully I will post about that tonight along with some beautiful pictures of the area we visited.

Life really just keeps testing us and we have to keep moving forward. Its not going to end because "things" happen its just going to continue and the way it continues depends on how we handle these "things"; thats the tough part. So far my "things" keep forcing me to deal with the mistakes I made while being really stinks because I have to have extra dealings with Steve's the end I have to remember that it all makes me stronger...I keep learning and keeping being taught. Its all part of life's lessons.

I hope everyone is great and I will try to visit soon.