Thursday, December 06, 2007

Long time

Time has gone by really fast.

We have a new employee - things are working out well. I miss Kelley but lucky for me she does go out to lunch with us once in awhile. Things are busy but ok.

Christmas is coming and no daddy visit - just a vacation for me and my little monster baby.

I recently saw the man that I wanted to marry and always thought I would and swear it feels like I will never get over...He and his his very cute wife are getting ready for their first child. I am very happy for him and wish them the very best.

I am actually dating.....I guess. not sure how I feel about it yet. I like the guy but....

He is 7 years younger than me.
He is one of my brothers friends.
He is thinner than me.
and most of all his divorce is not final yet. It will be in 20 days.

Kinda feels like he is trying to fill that void. I guess the best thing is to take it slow and give it time.

Anyway I hope all is well!!!