Friday, June 29, 2007

Count Down

We are in count down mode. We leave in 4 days...I think we are dealing just fine. At times I can sense the stress in Steve. But overall things are good.

We will be very busy between now and then. Working, dentist appointments and visiting family and friends.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and if I don't make it back before the 4th - have a fun and safe one!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wish I had a recorder

One day Steve asked me a question as we were getting ready for dinner,

Steve "Mom can I go to summer school?"
Me " Why, did someone say that you need to go?"
Steve "No, I just want to go. Some of my friends are going"
Me "Well, I don't think that you need to go and besides that you will be at your dads during that time".
Steve "Thats Ok, I don't care if I don't go to my dads"

That would be a nice recording to have....he really wants to be in school ;)

btw - after seeing his report card I think he is doing very well in school. Not too interested in music but other than that he is doing great!!

Not much..

Is new...

Yesterday was Steve's last day of the first grade. Not that you can really call it a day since it was only 2 hours.

I took most of the day off. Steve, his friend Stephanie and I went to the zoo. We had lunch in the park first and then went into the zoo.

It was a great day for the little 2nd graders except that Stephanie got sick in my car on the way home. She did not seem sick up until that point.

We were supposed to go out to dinner with her and her dad after the zoo but her mom had called last minute and wanted to pick her up so we will have to reschedule. She is a mom for the record books thats fo sure!!

Not counting today its 9 more days till we take our trip to Texas.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Say what?

Today we had a meeting about what problems people are having with the new interface. What might be something we can solve and what might be something that should be submitted as an enhancement.

User " My issue is that in the old system I would put the number in and hit the period to enter the next field. Now I have to put the number in and hit tab to get to then next field"

I don't really see what the "problem" is with the application but we must feel their pain.

Now they have use their left hand to continue on when before they could use the right one.

I see their point.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just Another day

Just an update since its just life :)

We have been busy, but in nothing in particular. Just finishing baseball, scouts, house-sitting for my parents while taking care of my dog and my sister with her broken ankle. Testing another application at work as well as several other projects. There is alot to do!!

Steve is almost done with school and a week after that he goes to visit his dad. I said before that I think he is dealing with it better this time. I still believe that but I can tell he is having issues. He is so excited to see his dad but at the same time he is "worried" about me. I think he is afraid something will happen to me while he is gone. We have been spending a lot of time talking and he will be ok.

Today he said "Mom, when are you going to get married again"
Yeah that was a fun conversation....I don't know how one kid gets these ideas. You just meet someone, fall in love and get married. Its as easy as that.

He went to the doctors and when the doctor said "What do you like to do"
Steve "I play soccer and baseball"
Doc "oh thats good"
Steve "Yeah and its healthy"
I don't think the doc had ever heard a kid say that..

Ok that is all I have.

Not much - Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Drama comes in all forms

I still have “drama”. Steve has been going through some pretty traumatic issues….His tooth is loose. This is his second tooth. The first one he lost was really easy. One day he said “mom, my tooth is loose”. A couple of hours later he said “mom, look my tooth fell out”. The second tooth has not been as easy.

His tooth has been loose for a couple of weeks now. Now it is barely holding on. He is so dramatic about it that a person would think he was about to loose a limb.

Last night it was time for a bath and this is the conversation we had.

Steve – “Mom, what if my tooth falls and goes down the drain”
Me- “That wont happen”
Steve – “But what if it does, what about the tooth fairy”
Me – “We can write her a note and she will leave you something”
Steve – “She will, how will she know?”
Me – “She knows when all kids loose their teeth, its magic”
Me – “Ok Steve its time to get into the bath”
Steve – “Mom, but still, what if she doesn’t”
Me – “She will, just jump in and get it done real quick”

We finally got through that bath and he went to bed saying he was going to wiggle his tooth until it fell out.

This morning we continue the tooth drama.

Steve – “Mom, my tooth really hurts”
Me – “Well, let’s just pull it out”
Steve (screaming now) “NO, It WILL HURT”
Me – “Ok well it might hurt a little but then it won’t hurt anymore”
Steve – “Mom, but still, you don’t want me to be hurt do you?”

He tried to eat his breakfast and when that was just way too painful, he tried to eat a go-gourt, that too was too painful. He made it past that event and it was then time to brush his teeth.

Steve – “Mom, I don’t think can brush my teeth”
Me – “Why would that be”
Steve – “It hurts my tooth and what if it falls out and goes down the drain”
Me – “We will leave the note like we talked about last night”
Steve – “Mom, but still I want the tooth fairy to have my tooth”
Me – “Well I am sure with her magic she can get it if goes down the drain”
Steve (very distraught) – “But mom she wont be able to get it because it will be to the ocean by the time she comes to get it, then how would she be able to get it”

Gee I did not think about that

Another day has passed and he is in bed again and he still has his tooth.

Why does childhood drama always happen at bed time and when your trying to get out the door?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Life as it is...very busy...June already???

Hi all. I am fine. Here I am to tell my story as it is. It really is not that interesting and I am sure it is like many others but I am here to tell it anyway. I believe that those who do not want to read know how to move to the next web page for their viewing pleasure.

February 21 was my last’s been awhile. It seems almost like yesterday in the length of time although a lot has been going on but it is basically just life.

Steve is now a year older, he is almost done with another season of baseball and cub scouts is our new favorite past time.

Right after my last post my personal lap top died - it’s probably a hardware problem but I don't have the expertise to know for sure at this point and I haven't had the time to or the energy to learn. I have a desktop but I don’t have a good chair to sit at the desk. I also have my work laptop but I tend to feel compelled to actual work when I bring that out.

My mom is now a happy user of the computer and internet and I tell you that is no small task. My cousin now has a job interview at Boeing after I helped him with his online resume a couple of times because he could not remember his password. My other cousin has a newly reinstalled computer with all up to date software and virus protection. Oh and the porn I cleaned off my aunts computer is not something I had ever even imaged could happen. I really don't like computers sometimes the tire me.

Steve is almost done with another year of school. My 7 year old is growing up so fast. He is smart, happy, active, pain in the booty, and over all the greatest thing in my life.

I have been fighting this issue with myself not being really "happy". I guess some would call it depression....I call it irrational craziness. Whatever you call it...I have blamed hormones in general. I have been seeing my counselor, went to a natural path, and finally succumbed to some medication. It has not been serious and I know when I am being irrational but there are times that I would not want to be around me if I were the ones I love. They claim that it’s not as bad as all that but I don't believe them. Steve doesn’t seem to know the difference so I guess that is a good thing. He loves me and says I am the best mom ever – and everyone says he is just so happy. What more could I ask for right. Its that overwhelmed felling that never seems to go away for longer than a week at a time. So we shall see what happens now.

I spoke up for myself and said that I could not be the Den Leader of our Cub Scout troop, I did not want to take on too much…so instead I am Cub Master. So much for speaking up for myself ;). It hasn’t been too bad since we are the only troop in our den this year anyway. Next year will be a different story.

Work has been kind of crazy. We upgraded to a new version with a new interface for some of our users. Although we loaded it into test 4 months in advance, and tried to learn everything, test everything and help our users learn and test, things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. The basic issue is that the people that actually use the software day to day to do their job were unable to spend a sufficient amount of time using the new version so that Kelly and I could work through issues that they had and find problems. But the day that they were able to use it in a live situations it was if the sky was falling. We made it through. Hopefully we have learned some things for next year when we introduce the interface a new set of users. The good news is that we have more time to learn their processes and get them to test as well.

I have to say I love my job. The last few months have been trying but overall I love it. I did not like it when Kelly went on vacation. I could have done without that. I mean really how selfish is it of my dear friend to plan a vacation like a year in advance and leave me on my own :) - Really I am just saying ;) – I survived and she had the wonderful time she deserved. But I told her that next time we were going to plan our vacations at the same time. If only that were possible, I am so glad she is back.

I have not received any child support since February. $100 a month is not a lot but it is something.

I have a small vacation coming. I will be taking Steve to visit his dad. Yes it is about that time again. I think we are both more prepared and ok with this visit as we have ever been. I think Steve is at the age where he knows that he is going for a “visit” and he will be back with me. I am not sure he really understood that before. Since he is better with it so am I. I will miss him very much. I will talk to him everyday. When he gets back we will be taking our vacation together. A week just doing what we want to do. I am looking forward to that!!

One of my cousins is going through a separation and divorce. She is fighting her ex a lot. I tried to be there for her in the beginning and I think I was. It got very difficult for me. It was familiar in a way but her way of dealing with things and seeing things is much different than mine and it got difficult for me to be supportive yet honest. She doesn’t like to hear what I have to say. She knows they are my opinions and I try not to shove them down her throat but I guess it might seem like that to her.

Anyway this week is another busy week. Baseball practice, baseball game, cub scouts and work. Sometimes being a single parent is very overwhelming.

I still haven’t dated. I say I don’t have time or the energy but I also haven’t had the opportunity. I think if I did have the opportunity I would probably have a panic attack. Now that is being totally honest.

Anyway, now that things are settled down a bit at work and Steve’s activities are winding down I may have the time and the energy to update this blog as well as visit my dear blog world friends.

I hope you are all well and enjoying this great gift of life that we have!!