Wednesday, May 05, 2010

19 year old's pain titled... ME..

Someday he'll remember me and my love for him.

Someday maybe he'll care and think of all I did for him.

Someday when his life is right he'll realize that losing me was stupid of him.

Someday he'll try to find me and I'll thank him.

I'll thank him for helping me grow and I'll hate him for showing me love and its terrible pain.

I'll always love him and I'll always care, but deep inside I'll always hate him for hating me.

He'll never know the kind of pain I felt, and never again will he get the love and caring I gave him.

To him I wish all the best, except in love.

To that I hope he never feels the kind of love I felt for him. So he can be as lonely as I am now for all his life.