Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It really just sucks...

When you are not happy with what you have to do everyday.  All I want to do is prepare for the 3day walk, work in my yard or around my home but instead I have to come to a job everyday that I feel inadequate and dumb doing. 

Its been a long time since I felt good about the job I was doing. I keep trying to make it better and at this point I am not sure what else to try....

On a happier note..yesterday was "rest" day, well really Monday was but since I knew I could not do the needed training on Tuesday I did it Monday.  Today is either 3o minute cross-train or a moderate 5 miles....hmmm what to do. I will probably do the 5 miles today and go to a class to do the cross train tomorrow for 60 minutes instead of 30.  Watch for the update tomorrow :)

142 days to go and I have about 50% of my fundraising goal met....I should be able to make it no problem with the events I have scheduled, hopefully :)


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