Thursday, October 04, 2012

2012....3/4 of the way gone

There have been very good moments and at home things are good.  I have kept in mind what I can control and what I can't at home.

Work life has not been good - I work too much and I have not confidence in the work that I do. I am working on the balance of work and home.

My family has had significant loss in the last couple of months. A bright spot in our family has been taken away and it is a loss that will be felt for a long time to come. I am not sure how everyone will be able to move on and continue. It sad to think that all that he built will not survive his passing. He was an amazing man and his family will forever feel his loss. I hope that his strength will help them and move them forward.

I wanted to do the 3 day walk this year but did not because of pressure from others about the Susan G Komen issues. I can’t make that mistake next year because I already signed up. Know I need to train and fund raise.

My goal for the next year it to become healthy again. I let myself gain weight because I was too focused on working all the time to work out and watch what I eat. An excuse yes…but true also. I will need fix that as I train for the 3 day. Lots to do…

The other thing need to do is to make sure I contact all those that I love. I want them to all know that I love them and that the mean so much to me. I am not sure he knew how much he meant to me and I don’t what that again. The loss is tough for me I can only guess how much it is felt for the immediate family.


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