Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have big decisions to make....and I don't want to have to make them. I am pissed that I even have to think about it. I am pissed that as careful as I thought I was being how screwed up my life is yet again.

He is a hard working, compassionate, loving, funny and smart man....who by definition is an alcoholic.

We have a beautiful home and my son is very happy and at this time if he does realize what is going on he does not let on.

But I have no choice but to recognize that there is a real problem and I can not ignore it and I must face it and decide what to do next.

The one thing I can say that as I own this and just face it head on I no longer feel the anxiety I felt when I first was "accepting" that it was happening.

Goodness knows I had enough signs that I chose to ignore and that is my fault.

Crazy...continuing to do the same behaviors and expecting a different outcome...this I can not be anymore...


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