Tuesday, October 18, 2011


with someone who has some kind of problem with alcohol can make you crazy...sometimes you are the one that is causing more of an issue in the household than the person that actually has the problem.

Oh don't get me wrong I am not saying it is my fault by any stretch of the imagination..what I am saying is my reaction to it is my fault....the results of my reactions to it are my fault.

My current situation is different than the one I was in before. This person is totally different than my ex.

I need to decide how I am going to react to the things that remind me of that previous situation.

If I decide to stay I need to also decide to make sure I don't make his problem my problem...in this case that would be easier than in the past because he in no way tries to push it on me. It is easier not to accept responsibility for something that is not being offered.

Right now by reactions are being triggered by what has occurred in the past by what I expect to happen now....even though that is not what this situation is.....

I have a lot of decisions to make to react or not react, to accept or not accept...to stay or not to stay. Whatever I decide I have to own those decisions, live with them and be happy with them or change them that is the only power I have.


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