Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Less then 21 weeks....143 days...

Until the start of the Seattle 3 day.  I am working towards it. I still have more than 50% of my funding to raise but I think I have done pretty well since so far most of it has been from sales of charms and not from straight donations.

I have committed to doing the recommended training. Of course that started 3 weeks ago and I started with week 21. 

Monday was a rest day but since I need to be at a school function with my son tonight - yesterday was an "Easy 3 mile" walk on the treadmill before we babysat the nephews.  It was a long night and I am tired today but it will be a long day today too so here we go.

This is where I plan to log my training so that I can make myself accountable.

143 days left.....


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