Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cancer is here...

When I set out to do my first Susan G Komen three day walk I did it not knowing anyone personally going through the breast cancer fight. In November my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been diagnosed with Metaplastic Carcinoma a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer. Metaplastic makes up about 1% of all breast cancer diagnosis.

From the moment she told me her diagnosis I have felt very strongly that she will beat this. There are moments off doubt, of being scared that I am fooling myself but just moments.

This being an aggressive fast growing cancer that not only tends to grow back in the same location but also spread to different areas of the body she will undergo the full array of treatments. First she will have surgery then chemo and finally a chemo and radiation combination treatment.

Tomorrow is step one in her fight, the lumpectomy to remove the growing tumor. Then we wait a week to get the pathology report to find out if the cancer has spread and find out the full treatment plan.

We know for sure that the next year will be a long and hard one for her and all of us but I pray that it will be a one and done; that she will fight with all of her family along side her and heal to celebrate being cancer free next year.


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