Sunday, February 09, 2014

Life is too short

Today is day 9 on the challenge and in those 9 days there were two rest days. I did not rest on the days specified but that doesn't matter it just matters that I have followed 9 day thus far. So good for me!!

I read an article yesterday that I could totally relate to - Life is Too Short: 10 Things Not Worth Tolerating

I found this very interesting and something I want to work on more for myself because I have issues with most of these things.....
1 - Being Unhealthy - this point deals with the things that we can control not those health issues that we can't control.  We can all control how much we eat, what we eat and whether or no we try to be active.  This is one I have been working on and have worked on in the past. My problem with this one is that I get complacent and stop paying attention to what I do.
2 - Inaction - facing things that I fear or feel guilty about. I have to take a look to really see why I do or do not do anything and figure out if my inaction is justified or something I need to push through.  I have really been working on this one the last year and 1/2. It is not easy pushing yourself out of your comfort zone but that is what I am doing all the time.
3 - Negativity - this is one that I really place on myself more than anything else. I judge myself in ways I would NEVER judge anyone else. It is really bad and I have done it all my life.
4 - Disorganization - this one is tough I feel very disorganized all the time and I am working on it and making progress on it at work at in progress.
5 - Chronic stress - it all fits here. I stress EVERYTHING
6 - Keeping up with the Joneses - This is not so much of my problem I know I can't do that sometimes it bothers me but mostly I look at what others have and don't understand how they can afford it.
7 - Thinking that perfect exists - Yeah I expect perfect out of myself even though I know that it s not possible.
8 - Everyone's opinion of you - this is another one that has been a problem all my life.  I read into everything and right now I don't think that most people even like me. I don't my two boys love me and my parents love me beyond that I just feel alone and not liked.
9 - A job you hate - I don't hate my job but I don't love it either.  They way I feel about my job is better than it was a year ago so that is good.
10 - Being financially illiterate - I could be worse in this areas but I was several years ago. I am getting better its a fight to get there.

These are all very good points and things I need to work on. 


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