Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Boy are we busy at work....its like the faucet got turned on and here we go...running and running.

We are working on testing and implementing a new software version of our main system.
We are also learning, setting up, testing, developing and delivering training on a new interface to that system.
We are also supporting another smaller system on day to day operations.
The other smaller system has two other "plug in" apps that need to be tested, learned and training developed and delivered for them.
This same smaller system also has a new interface to another smaller system that needs to be set up and tested.
This same smaller system has another interface to our main system that has a new interface to it that needs to be tested and users need to be trained on it.
Then there is another new application being deployed to one of our departments that Kelly and I are supporting. At this time we are acting as participants in the testing efforts, but in the end we will be the technical support...(note to self: learn new system so that we can support it.)

These projects all have due dates that are all between now and the end of April.....

All that on top of other projects that are on ongoing status for both of us......
Besides just the standard day to issues that come up.

I am not complaining..its job security and I have worked at a place where I was afraid I would be one of the ones let go at each reporting quarter because we all knew things were not good.

I just wanted to outline it and make sure I had it all straight......mmmmm...I am not panicked ...really....Kelly may just want to kick me to the proverbial curb by the time we are done with all this....Lets all hope not 8)

On a less stressed note.....tomorrow I am going on a school field trip with Steve...I am so excited and so is he. It should be a lot of fun. (I can leave the work at work and have fun with my son....again Friday Kelly may want to knock me out as my stress level returns )

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Week...


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