Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You think you have friends....

About a month before I turned 22 I was the victim of a crime. I guess one would call it semi violent.....here goes...

I was living in a house with a roommate, her young daughter, and then we had another guy roommate. The house we lived in had 3 normal bedrooms and then the garage that had been turned into a 4th bedroom.

On this particular night, my roommate was out, her daughter was at her dads, and the guy roommate was recovering from a broken jaw in his garage bedroom.

I had been out at a bar. I came home around 2am after the bar closed. I made myself something to eat and then I went to bed at about 2:30.

There were at least 2 cars in the driveway. I left the porch light on for my roommate and I even left a lamp on in the living room.

At about 3 am I woke up, hearing something...but you know when you hear something and your not sure what it was...so you sit up and listen....the next thing I know my bedroom door gets kicked in and I get a spray in my face.....it was pepper spray.....

I sat there screaming....face burning....I tried to dial 911 but I could not get the right buttons.

I could not see. I ran out of my room...not know what I would run into....thankfully no one was there. I ran into my roommates garage room....I ran back into my and finally got 911....

The police and medics came. The blew out our house with high powered fans....and washed my face with the garden hose. I was told that I should go to emergency and get my eyes checked. They left.

The police said it was random....but I never did buy that line of bull. Who breaks down a front door just to mace someone.

I have never felt really safe in my own home ever since.......It is much better than it was....but there is always something there.

Years later I heard rumors about who and why it happened. This guy Jack 'paid' this other guy John to do it because when I was 17 I slapped him........I had reasons that were not great....but they were reasons. I had known Jack and I guess I humiliated him and he held a grudge for 4 years. John was someone I had known for 14 years....someone that I had had a crush on when we were in junior high, had gone out with my best friend in high school....someone that at times was like a brother.....

Drugs do nasty things to people......Stay away from them...stay far, far away.


Blogger Malika said...

Man...I am sorry about what happened. I am not sure what I would do if I was in your situatuion. Scary!

6:41 PM  

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