Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Trip Home (I still can't type in type in the title box)

Well it was really nice to see my friends. They are always very generous with their home and their time. They were all there for me during a very difficult time in my life. Actually every time I go there its a bit difficult. I appreciate them so much and I am very lucky to have friends like that.

Saturday I spent alone at their home while they went to the beach for a family reunion. I was going to go and then drive back to catch my plane. I was concerned something like flood waters would happen and I'd be late so I elected to stay put. It was a long quiet day of internet, movies, dishes and generally going kinda loopy just sitting around. I did do some work to help pass the time.

I took off for the airport and stopped to get gas before I got on to the highway. Filled it up and headed out. 1/2 hour later I was getting off of the highway and had to fill up again I had used 1.65 gallons on my way to the car rental return. I guess using air conditioning really makes a difference or the Saturn ION gas mileage really sucks. My gauge looked like I had used almost a 1/4 tank.

Got to the airport right on time. Sat and read my book for an hour. Got on the plane right on time and was told that we were going to try and take off a little early because of impending weather. It had been nice all day, now we were getting weather. We sat on the tarmac for an hour. Its always a good feeling when you are on a plane taxing out to the runway and see 4 fire trucks with lights flashing rushing through the tarmac. At least they were not headed to our plane.

We took off and were headed to Denver. My flight to Seattle was due to take off and hour after our flight was originally scheduled to land - hmmm what were the chances we'd make it.

About halfway the flight attendant came on the air and said "Attention passengers does there happen to be a doctor on board? If there is a doctor on board please ring your call button." That's always nice too. They huddled around this guy - I don't know what his issue was but he looked fine, he walked, talked and blinked really what else is there.

On our decent into Denver we circled at least twice and with each turn I felt like I was going to slide out of my seat. Luckily airlines build in a buffer for their flight times and we landed about the time my next flight was to start boarding. But we had to wait for the paramedics to come on board and get this "sick" guy off the plane. 6 paramedics came on board and the guy walked and talked his way off the plane entirely on his own power.

I had to pee so bad my eyes were floating so I headed towards my next gate - they had just started boarding and so I stopped off to pee. I would not have made it another flight.

As we were on the jet way bridge I swear the thing dropped down an inch on two different occasions. I wondered if it just fell if I could get lifetime of free flights. Owell that did not happens so I guess I will have to continue paying for them.

I boarded and of course there is always the problem of the people holding everyone up as you get on the plane like the woman who ended up sitting next to me that mixed up 7B with 7E. I see the confusion. Before switching seats they had to discuss whether she would move or the other girl would just take her seat. She moved.

The flight to Seattle was pretty uneventful, I read a little, I slept a little and I watched TV a little. As we landed and were taxing to the gate the flight attendant had this to say.

"Attention Passengers on behalf of Frontier airlines we would like to be the first to welcome you to Seattle. We have enjoyed serving you on this flight and looking at your sleeping faces. We hope to see you back in a different lifetime. As you get ready to depart please look around to you make sure you get all of your personal belongings. On every flight someone leaves something especially these late night flights. So please check to make sure you have your headphones, your IPod, your kids and any other personal items you may have taken out."

I was pleased to find that my luggage had made it even with the fast transition between the Denver flight and the Seattle flight. Seattle baggage claim takes forever we were all growing older by the minute as we waited.

The saddest thing was I did not talk to Steve all day. I called several times, but he never answered. I think it might have been easier for me to leave Houston right away to come home instead of spending more time there. Although I did not see him, I knew I was close and leaving yesterday was really, really hard. I am glad to be home but I miss my little boy!!

I hope everyone has a great week.


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