Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well we made it...

Yesterday I took Steve down to Southern Cal to visit his dad. He was excited and nervous all at the same time. So was I.

We had to change plans in Oregon and of course all flights were delayed...I really did not want to miss a flight because that would be a domino effect for the return as well. We ran through the Portland airport and got on the plane. Steve was tired and every second..."mom we've been in this plane for hours when are we gone see my dad?"

When we got there - Ontario, CA - small airport. We were both nervous. They were all standing at the bottom of the stairs. Steve's dad, his new girlfriend and her two kids. Steve had told me that when he saw his dad he was going to run to him...But I think he got kinda nervous when he saw them all standing there. He had never met this woman or her kids. They all seemed pretty nice. The kids were very excited to see him, so that was good. He gave me two big hugs and then I turned and went to check into the next flight. My heart was breaking but it is important for me that this is as easy for him as it can be. He is the innocent one in this. We have come such a long way since last Christmas. We have been on our own for over a year now and we are both blossoming.

I had to check into my flight back to Seattle, go through security and find a bathroom. Once I did that I noticed that my phone was flashing, my little angel had already tried to call 3 times. I called him back and he just answer my questions. The kids were kidding around with him so he was laughing. I think he was just nervous. He was good and seem to be relaxing.

I waited for another delayed flight...could not even get a drink because they don't have a bar open till 9:30 - and well that is when my flight was scheduled to take off.

I finally got back to Seattle at 12:30 am. I probably did not get to sleep till about 2:30...and I am very tired. But thats ok. I get to do it all over again on Monday....But this time my little angel will be coming home with me.

To anyone who reads this...Have a happy, merry, whatever you celebrate have a great one!!


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