Friday, December 09, 2005

PC Holiday fun

I want to say to all "Happy...Merry...Joy to all..What ever you celebrate or whatever you don't celebrate I hope it is a good one for you and yours"

Yesterday was our PC Holiday Feast at work....oh great, a free meal...oh nope no such thing. That's ok we can all get together and share in a moment of happiness and joy and what always turns out to be a wonderful meal - worth every penny spent.

So I am on the committee that puts these events together for our place of employment and there are 9 of us that do all the planning, setting up, clean up and of course fund raising. Thank goodness we are not the ones that fix the meals - we have wonderful help for that part of it. So how much real work do we get done at the end of the day during one of these events...hmmm not much.

It was a busy day from the get go. First thing is taking little Steve to school. But that is not always easy because he is starting to care about what he wears. I guess it is time for him to get his clothes ready the night before. It used to be that I just pulled out some clothes and that was it. Now we have to go through this whole painful process on what is a good thing and what is not. I blame it on school. I am starting to get the "NO mom I can't wear that its not COOL" how does a 5 year old know what is cool. At that age, its just what little Johnny was wearing yesterday and that changes every day. I am not going to learn this new way of dressing because I am always wrong, just ask my 5 year old.

This morning that's not too bad. After I dropped him off I had to talk to the speech therapist and get him singed up for some help for his stuttering that was at 8:15. Once that meeting is over I run to work..Get there about 9:00 and I have another meeting at 9:30...With my boss..oh oh what did I do now? In the interim I try to help the group organize for the afternoons lunch.

Ok so the meeting with the boss was great. I am very lucky to have found a job that I absolutely love and well the cool thing is they like me too. I am officially off probation...Get a raise...Now they are stuck with me. I have my masters degree and I was beginning to think it was not going to help me...But I think it brought me up to the top with this job and well then I wowwwd them with me and my skill - whoohooo what a great feeling.

So then I go back to my office and get ready for yet another meeting....lunch starts at 11:30 and my team is meeting to set up the room for 90 plus to join us....We have 73 on the list but usually more come by. I have a few minutes to help set the tables for lunch so I help for 15 minutes doing the place settings and then excuse myself, feeling guilty that I have to leave them all during the setup.

So I go to this meeting to talk about one specific project....Of course since the meeting is staring just an hour before our lunch starts I am just a little anxious to get to topic and get it done. I am supposed to take lunch tickets as everyone goes through the line. It never fails....The meeting starts off and we starting talking about a semi related project...And the reality being that some of us should have been included in on meetings regarding this topic much earlier on. Owell we can muddle through and hope that enough good information is being passed on even though we are just getting to hear about it.

I start to panic because we finally get to topic and its a 1/2 hour till ticket duty. Side concerns that affect what I do kept being brought up. For those of you in the IT/IS ...It is funny how its your job to support people with these things but it never fails that we get an unbelievable number of problems we NEVER hear about until we are in a meeting about something else. Well gee if they had reported that problem to me I could have had a solution instead of waiting 2 months for this truly unrelated meeting to report and complain about this. Owell....

Finally after I weeded out what I really needed to get out of that meeting along with the page and a half of notes of the unrelated topic...I have to excuse myself for lunch ticket taking duty.

I was standing at the beginning of the line...My job is to take the tickets for those who have paid..mmmm then we have a list of names just in case they did not remember their tickets. Basically make sure that someone doesn't take someone else's ticket and that person can then say they forgot theirs. I am not too worried about it because I am pretty sure that the people I work with would not pull a fast one. But I was thinking if I was in a line of teenagers...I have only been at this job since March and there are still A LOT of people I don't. I guess I am the proverbial keep the honest person honest. To my surpise I had help in my endeavors of the ticket taker and it all went very smoothly..there were a couple of people that gave me tickets of people I knew and they were not them...but the person helping me had already heard about these and it was ok...whew thank goodness she was there.

Our wonderful crew of people who prepared the meal and served it were outstanding. In a 35 minutes they had served 64 people. It was a great meal and I think every one really enjoyed it...I enjoyed the desert the most...Sweet tooth..gosh darn it...

Although at my place of employment it is important for us to be PC...We were able to share in some light hearted jokes about that during our meal and thank goodness did not offend anyone. A good time was had by all.

Guess what's next clean up.....All those tables, chairs, decorations, place settings..All have to be cleaned up and put away now. No more meetings for me, I can actually help with this process. Its amazing how much work is put into the set up and clean up for a 1/2 hour meal. But it was all worth it....Kind of like Thanksgiving. I like getting everyone together and spending some down, social time and getting to know the people that you may work with everyday but not always notice their smiling faces.

I think by about 1:30...We were done...Ready to start work. Hmmmmm I for one was exhausted...Time for a nap the whole nap after turkey thing. Oh it might have been the desert too...Mine plus the extra plate I decided was mine too...hmmm were they good. My dear friend and co-worker Karie didn't eat hers at first..She was too full from the meal. Sometime during the rest of the afternoon as we tried to buckle down and get something done she decided to try some. She took a bite and said "oh a piece of chocolate with a clump of grease in the middle" yup that's how it felt in it pit of my stomach as well. The she said "mmm that's good" It was something like a Dutch chocolate truffle. We like our chocolate...Well I do, her not so much...I love it.

Anyway we made it through the rest of the day....And well actually got a couple of things done. All in all it was a good day...and its only December 3 more weeks of celebration...I don't think my belt buckle can handle it.


Blogger bryan torre said...

Hi, thx for visiting my blog (everything is about me, even comments on someone else's blog).
I enjoy your blog so far; you sound like a good mom to your son -- not always an easy thing to be...

10:29 AM  
Blogger Kylee said...

And thanks for the return visit. I am sure my blog will be about me or more likely my son who fills my life and my comments like mine one yours has to do more about me than anything else.
Thanks for the comments.

9:51 AM  

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