Saturday, December 17, 2005

Some say my son is spoiled.....

And well he is, to a point.....BUT he is also a very good boy. He is spoiled when it come to me. When he speaks I listen, I jump and sometimes I even "obey". But most of the time with me... and always with everyone else. he listens, he is polite, he is thankful and with all of us he is very sweat.

Today I am getting ready for my parents, and my sister (we live with my brother) to come over and celebrate an early Christmas with us, before Steve goes to his dad's.

Last night I was feeling a little down...or maybe that was a little anger...and resentment because I do not want to spend actual Christmas without my son....but that is the way it is. So I finally got some sleep and woke up to the new day and a new attitude....and my little man helped with his attitude.

We walked out to the living room and started yelling..."Mom.....MOM....."

I was still half asleep....."whhhaaattt?"
"Come out here"....well it finally dawned on me what he wanted.....I had wrapped presents last night..... I was even down doing that because I have not gotten him everything I wanted to yet....actually I am not even exactly sure what else I want to get him....but something. On top of it...most (all but one) of the things I got him were of the practical nature. But he was very excited....I had one sitting on the table that i wanted him to open he asked if he could open it...I said sure.

It was a new shirt and new jeans....He was so excited...I could not believe his excitement...Most kids his age (that I have seen) say something like "oh thanks" and throw them down to move onto to the next or "oh is there more"... My little angle hugged me and said "Thanks mom, I always wanted a shirt like this since I was 3, can I wear them today?"

My heart just melted ---yet again. I have to remember about all we have and be thankful for it. We don't have that dream family with the white picket fence....We did not even have it when everyone else thought we did...But we have each other, we have a roof over our heads, we have our health and we have lots of love, WE ARE VERY BLESSED.

Merry....Happy....Joy to all...Whatever you celebrate I hope it is a wonderful season for you and yours!!!


Blogger jay are said...

awwww :)
what a great kid. I know it'll be hard to be without him Christmas day, but he's yours forever and yours his and being separate on a day or more won't change that, not that that makes it much easier necessarily.
Hope you have a good holiday regardless....

10:36 PM  

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