Friday, December 30, 2005

Holiday fun

It has been a fast couple of weeks.

Steve and I flew down to California and a short 6 days later I went back down and we both flew back home again.

Although I missed him during Christmas it was a very nice couple of days with my cousins, siblings and parents. Its nice to be back in my home state again to be able to be with my family. Although Steve was not here for the actual day we did have a very nice celebration with him before he left and he will be here next year.

He is home again and as he yells at me down the hall" MOM.....MOM.....I need you...." so I can come into his room and he can tell me about something that happened today....I think to myself. "All is as it should be...all is right in my world."

We just got back from a very nice 3 day visit to the mountains with a couple of my cousins and their families. There were 12 of us all together...we rented a cabin and went up to the mountain to go sledding two days in the row....what a wonderful trip.

The cabin was great.....3 bedrooms with 6 beds and room for two blow up mattresses, an almost fully stocked kitchen...short of a dishwasher. Just a few small complaints....1. No dishwasher, 2. One bathroom.....did I mention 12 people, 7 females...thank goodness only one teenage girl, 3. It took 6 hours....yes 6 hours to cook a 17 pound turkey (unstuffed) in the oven and lastly we ran out of toilet paper...did I mention 12 people and 7 females. They left us 2 1/2 rolls of TP...we had brought one roll...just incase.. They said "go to the store"...they forgot to mention that the store was closed...we had to raid the local rest stop for that a crime?

Overall the stay at the cabin was very nice and very comfortable. Everything was nicely labeled for our convenience....Just incase we did not know what the switch located just inside of the bathroom door was ----a label told us "Bathroom Lighting". Not to be mistaken for the "Kitchen Lighting" labled just inside the Kitchen.

We all had wonderful time... I was very happy to be able to share this with Steve. After living in this area 25 of my 30 something is amazing that this is the first time I have visited the local mountains during snow season. It was a site to be had and I look forward to sharing much more of this with my son in the years to come.


Blogger jay are said...

hah! sounds like a good and interesting cabin trip! What a beautiful picture....and I'm glad you've got your little guy back with you.
Have a great new year!!

10:32 PM  

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