Monday, November 13, 2006

Drama is the way...

Some people are addicted to drama....sometimes I think I am one of those people. I guess in a way you could say that life in general is a drama. Some people live for high drama. The drama that some people live with is on a very high level and constant. If they don't have any drama in their life they create it. I am pretty happy with the quiet life that Steve and I have right now. We just finished with soccer and now we have started in on a new cub scout den. Other than that life is quiet.

The new drama in my life that I am really trying to just let play out quietly and smoothly is something that will never go away...Christmas is coming so here comes the next "daddy visit" or not. I am not sure what is going to happen yet.

This is one drama that I could go without. Steve is missing his daddy. He asked his daddy today on the phone if he was going to visit during Christmas and daddy said "I sure hope so"

What does that response say to a 6 year old? To me that means that he doesn't know if he is going to have enough money to fly Steve and I down for the visit. But to Steve....I wonder what he really thinks? He seemed better today after asking his dad...he has been pretty upset that last couple of days. He told me that he did not think he was going to get to see his daddy this Christmas. I don't know why he feels that way...he had not asked before today. Still he did not get an answer.

I sent an email asking the same question.....I said he would not have to fly me back during the short visit...I would stay in town and visit friends. No answer as of yet. I wish I could tell the man to get some balls and live up to his responsibility and pay for the visit, or pay for support and I would pay for 1/2 of the visit.....but live up to some responsibility for his son.

Anyway.....although sometimes I feel I might like a little drama....this is one I can live without.

Take care all. Love your kids they deserve it!!


Blogger bryan torre said...

i agree that some are addicted to drama.
i'm addicted to non-drama -- can't get enough of it...

2:08 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

There seems to be much drama where kids and divorced parents are concerned. You’re in my thoughts.

4:35 PM  

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