Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Nothing exciting or remotely interesting...but here we go....

ICE CREAM - Plastic.

So when I got the big piece of plastic in my ice cream I sent the manufacturer an email via their website to let them know what I had found. I received an email back asking me to attach the piece of plastic to a piece of paper and send it in the self addressed stamped envelope that I would soon be receiving in the mail. Also I should expect to see a couple of gift certificates for two containers of their product in hopes that this offering would renew my confidence in their product.

It took 10 days but I did get the self addressed envelop and the two gift certificates for some free ice cream....yummers. Yes I am going to use them and I will send them this piece of plastic and will probably never hear another word about it. But I will enjoy my ice cream.

Today I walked out of the training room where we were hosting a training session for a software package into buckets of rain on my head. YUP I am tired of it..I have decided. But I am hoping this means that it will be a really nice spring and summer...one can hope..if not we shall be floating to South America before we know it.

Steve and Counseling -
So last week I talked to the counselor at Steve's school and asked if she would talk to him and see if she saw a need for him to speak to a counselor. At the time she said that at this time in his life he was probably fine and would not need to see one. After talking to him the first thing he said is "He is such a sweet boy"...Then "he could benefit from seeing a counselor". Ok Well there you have it....

I have been so tired the last couple of days that I can hardly stand myself....I don't know where it comes from....its like an overwheling urge to sleep while standing...I don't think anyone would notice..unless I fall into their lap. The good news for everyone around me is that although I am extremly tired and could just sleep at any moment....I am not grumpy....so if you see someone standing there with their eyes closed with a smile on their face..its probably me...sleeping.

To the CASINO -
I have been invited to go to a casino this weekend. I will ask my parents if they can watch Steve for me....they say they want me to go out once a month..so we shall see. I don't gamble but maybe there is a show to see...I guess one could say just watching the people throw their hard earned cash into a slot on a machine hoping to get rich is a show....oh..My parents do that on a regular basis..mmmmmmm

I still can't believe it....it must be a dream...I guess I will believe it when they play on Sunday.


Blogger Michelle said...

OOOooo a casino. I'm not a gambler either, but like you say there may be a cool show on! Look forward to hearing all about it :)

10:15 PM  
Blogger Kylee said...

I will be sure to share. The lady I will be going with is very high energy..so I expect it to be anything but boring!!

10:20 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Good job on holding the ice cream manufacturer accountable! I hope you enjoy the free products. (Strange, but at the moment—2:15 a.m.—I have the over-powering desire for ice cream!)

I, too, am tired of rain, although the sun was out this afternoon and the moon is bright tonight. Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine on Louisville all day.

There are times when everyone can benefit from talking with a counselor. I generally realize that for myself at 2:30 a.m. when no counselor (except Alex the cat) is available.

I find my sleep patterns have become absurd. I suppose there are times when everyone’s sleep patterns become absurd. Just don’t fall over when sleeping while standing.

I would drive across the Ohio River right now to the casino on the Indiana shore except I would fall asleep as soon as I arrived.

I’ll without any comment on the Super Bowl until this time Monday morning.

Have a good week!

11:28 PM  
Blogger JD's Rose said...

Kylee, I hate gambling, but I love the casino. Drink. Dance. Have fun. And, if you get really daring, you can put some money on one of those chocolate wheels...

I think your parents are right. There is nothing wrong with going out once a month. I think that would be incredibly healthy for you. Have some fun girl.

2:36 AM  
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