Monday, January 09, 2006

Training Day

Monday; a new day to a new week. What this Monday means to me. ...

Well I have training off site at a different place where I never been before and with people I may have met once..but most I had not met ever..

On top of it the trainer was someone that had worked with my company a lot before I came and all I hear is "trainer this and trainer that....."; "Trainer is hero like...". Basically I have had to work really hard at getting a couple people to look at me like I could even come close to supporting the work he has done for them. Needless to say I was a bit intimidated, a bit apprehensive....well nervous. Thank goodness it was training and not a social thing...because I probably would have turned around and went home...called in sick or something.

Steve and I started out about 30 minutes earlier than normal. I had to take him to daycare first and that is about 25 miles from home and then head to the location of the training which is about 35 miles away from daycare. Both drives are heavy traffic but not as heavy as it is going the other direction....but at least one way I get to carpool. I had already let the trainer know that I might be late and it was ok to just ignore me in the height of my embarrassment of walking in late.

When I left work on Friday I got all prepared; printed out the agenda, directions to the training site and the email from the host that told me his contact information just incase I got lost....On the way to Steve's school I realized I had taken that information out of my bag and it was handily sitting at home.....and home was the wrong direction. Sometimes when I forget the directions to places I can fake it and make it there...but when I say I don't know the area of the training place...I don't; so that was not an option. Luckily leaving 30 minutes early was just enough to get us to our destination 15 minutes faster than normal travel time. So I stopped by work and reprinted everything and was on my way. I made it with like 30 seconds to spare.

The class was fun......The trainer was nice and very where near as intimidating as I had imagined in my little mind. (just call me nervous Nellie)

I was lucky because I did not have to drive back to the area of Steve's school because my sister picked him up...with the traffic or lack of traffic I experienced going home I actually got home at the same time I would have had I been at work and that was after I picked up Steve and stopped to look for new shoes..(did not find any). Hopefully this arrangement works out well the rest of the week....but my sister is getting we'll see.

I am curious to hear about the trainers commute since he had to go back and past where Steve's daycare is.

Now we are home...each doing our "homework"...yes kindergardeners have homework and its like pulling teeth to get him to do it. Doing it together here we sit....waiting for him to write his one page of handwriting homework....hhhhhhhhhh


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