Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Tidbits.....

This is just a bunch of tidbits from the week. It was a long week. But its over…Time to relax. It’s a real HOT HOT night at my house. I am doing laundry, I did 5 miles on the Gazelle and I am “gonna wash that gray right outa my hair”.

I got an invitation to dinner in the mail. Yes a free dinner for me and a guest…ohh yeah.. Great I can take a “date”…whatever. If I go to “dinner” I not only get a GREAT dinner or maybe just a slab of meat with some runny mashed potatoes and stringy string beans but I get a handy dandy day planner; a day planner that would be full of tips and tricks to a successful Internet business. All I have to do is sit in on a 90 minute presentation on a new Internet business and earning strategies….oh yeah and then there is the several hundred dollar investment that would be required to sign up for this business venture.

It makes me wonder how many people really attend these “dinners” and then how many people end up investing their hard earned money into these “businesses”. Maybe I can find just the right guest to accompany me (bribe them with a free dinner) and go. Then when the ask me to invest in their little Internet Venture I will just tell them that “sorry I don’t have any money…I just filed for bankruptcy”…maybe then they will leave me alone and I can still get the free day planner…….but then again my guest might loose their mind sitting through that and shoot me for placing them in that painful situation…..better yet....I don’t need a date or a night out that bad.

Saw an email today where someone was asking for support for their problem with a software package. When they run it on their 2 year old Compaq their keyboard would freeze….Well there you have it…got a Compaq…I suggest Dell or something else.

I have gotten so many emails this week with headings like…
They are all people asking for all my private information; name, age, bank account information,SSN….shoe size. If I do this I will have 12 million dollars transferred into my account and all I have to do is give some back to them and keep a large portion of the proceeds after taxes. I mean come on; do people really buy that crap. One I got not to long ago, said that he represented a long lost relative of mine or at least we had the same last name and wanted to give me the inheritance of 24 Million. Since I married into the last name maybe I should have sent it to my ex…he probably would have done it.

20 years ago was that fatal day for the Challenger shuttle. I remember seeing the disaster in school. It was a very somber day. I can still visualize that tragedy in my mind as if I had just seen it. My friend at work remembered what she was doing that evening….and she will never forget it. She called her husband and asked if he remembered and he said he did...…now they are going to celebrate that day....not the bad part about the shuttle of course….but the good part that they both remember. They say that tragedy brings people closer…I guess it does 8)

It’s so nice when you work on a project for months and then find out it was all for not when the person who did not look at the supporting documents say “oh that’s not going to work because that setting does not support the rest of our processes”. This person knew about that setting 3 months ago and just yesterday told me it wont work……That’s what happens when you don’t know enough about what you are doing and the person supporting your efforts is less than interested in being your support.

We have a software vendor that refuses to ever admit that there may be a problem with his software. One of our software packages is from a small local shop and the owner is so defensive of every problem we find. We assume he is afraid of “public knowledge of errors”…but hello success is at least half or even more about providing satisfying customer service. I expect to see some software errors; but I also expect good, pleasent cusotmer service. This guy does not get that.

Good conversation with good people is an excellent way to spend a day even if it is at work.

Doesn’t it just bother you when you stick your foot in your mouth so far down your throat that you might as well pull it through the other end…… Then when you apologize because you felt wrong about what happened and you end up putting the other foot in your mouth, down your throat…and through the other end again. Then you find out that its all in your head…or you over react….or you judge yourself harder than anyone else could. Lets just say I am glad I was wrong and that although I meant well….I felt wrong but I am glad that I judged myself harder than the other person.

Oh yeah Steve’s dad called. Looks like Steve might be going to visit his dad during spring break. Ok….I probably won’t be able to take any time off anyway. Besides the counselor said short visits would be better than long visits. I agree.

Tomorrow we are off to visit my cousin, my best friend and her family. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


Blogger Thomas said...

Hey Kylee. Always nice to meet another Seattle blogger.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Dave Morris said...

What a deal! How could you possibly pass up all these "business opportunities?"

Pretty funny. And they call it an "investment."

11:32 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Compaq, i couldn't agree more!
I wonder if all those business oppurtunities are in Nigeria?!!
Great news re Steve's short visit :)
Have a top weekend!

7:27 PM  

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