Sunday, January 01, 2006

Farewell 2005, Hello 2006.....

I wish 2005 a fond farewell. I mean it was the first full year of my new life. The year that I found out I could do it on my own. Not that I should have questioned it, but I did.

It was a year full of new beginnings....Moving to a new home...Starting a new job....Steve starting kindergarten....The divorce becoming final....Dealing with my ex's new wife (and then another new one too)....The first summer break without my son... The first Christmas without my son....And finally...Me beginning to face my lifetime of self critical behavior of which I think got me to this point right now.

The start of 2006 is very exciting to me. I resolve to work on me...Find me again. I know that is an old cliche....Losing oneself in a marriage...But I did...In all my efforts to "make him happy"...I forgot about me... I am working on the me...This blog is part of it...Exploring me and learning about me. 2005 was the first year in a long time that I have had occasion to say "ITS ALL ABOUT MEEEEEE" and mean it in every way (except that it will never be just about me...It will be about me and Steve).

This year I resolve to
1. Get healthy...By eating better, exercising more and losing 25-30 lbs.
2. Continue on on working on liking me...maybe even loving me.
3. Getting out and about more....Steve helps with that...we do all of his school functions and now he is into sports and stuff...but we are both what I call "Socially Dysfunctional"...another post another time.
4. Continue to work on being a better parent....each day there are new challenges and I will never think I understand it all...I will never take for granted that I can always do better.....Its not about perfection...but progress. Appreciating each day and continuing to love the experience. Having him has taught me so much, I want to be all that I can be for him.....he gives me purpose.

I wish every one a happy and healthy new year!!!


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