Monday, December 12, 2005

My X's exs....

So in talking to my ex sister in law last night I decided to ask her about her brothers new girlfriend/Fiance. I don't like to ask her anything that relates to her brother because 1. its her brother and I really don't have anything nice to say and I was taught if you don't have anything nice to say - KEEP your mouth SHUT. 2. My relationship with her has everything to do with her and her family not her brother.

But since I had gathered from conversation with her brother that the family had at least met this latest fiance...I wanted to ask and I knew that she would not mind since Steve is scheduled to stay with them in 9 days.

She said "Well I did meet her but I did not go out of my way to get to know her, I figure she won't be around long enough and I don't want to get close". Ok fair enough. She said that all she can judge by is what my X's two daughters from his first marriage said since they stayed with them a couple days. They had reported that this one was going out of her way to be nice to them. Well I guess that is good since they had told their dad that they would not visit him again after their visit this last summer with the soon to be 3rd ex Mrs X because she was so mean.

She also said she had adopted that first Mrs X's idea over this train rec....The first Mrs X had told the girls that based on history this one should be ok...

1. First Mrs X - was with him for 8 years..Had two daughters (my step daughters)
2. Never a Mrs so we will just call her Psycho....Had a son that X does not see and she was not at all nice to the girls.
3. Second Mrs X - Me had a son and had a very good relationship with my two step daughters and keep in touch with them - was with him for 6 years, but finally got smart with some guts (divorce final April 2004).
4. Third Mrs X - not yet an ex - married a month after my divorce - funny since she was not even the reason we divorced - I left him. Marriage lasted 4 months...Divorce pending. She was another person that was not very nice to the girls.
5. The new soon to be (rumor has it) Mrs X - should be ok if history repeats itself.

Interestingly enough rumor also has it that they have been together since January of 2004....mmmm

Glad I am an ex Mrs X instead of a Mrs X....

Sometimes I wonder if Psycho was really Psycho or just the smartest one of us all...Guess we'll never know since I don't trust either her or the X...


Blogger jay are said...

What a mess! And all the poor kids who are tangled up in it! Glad you got out.....

9:21 AM  

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