Monday, December 12, 2005

Babies are amazing creatures..

When my cousin had her 3rd child he was 3 months premature. She had some infection and was forced into an early C section. I remember the day I went to Children's Hospital to see her and her little boy. She had been there for two days by then and she was finally able to see visitors.

I walked into her room and she had been crying. I asked her what was wrong..She said "I had him two days ago and I have not been able to see him yet.....I am scared." I said "that's ok, can we see him now?" She said yes and I said "Ok we'll do it together". Her husband had seen him and at the time was gone taking care of their one year old daughter. He would be back after grandma got off work that day. She did not want to wait. I was scared too I mean I didn't like hospitals and well what would I say.

We went to the intensive care nursery. I pushed her in her wheelchair since it was too far way for her to walk yet. We got to the intensive care nursery and she stood up...Looking scared. I grabbed her hand and said "Its ok...Lets go see that wonderful little boy".

We found his incubator and what we found was incredible...This little body smaller than the size of his dad hand was lying there. We could see his veins....Although most of them were covered by tubs and wires that were attached to his little body. He had survived the crutial first 48 hours..But he still was not breathing on his own...Without reminder. The thing is that he would "forget" to breath. So they had a monitor on him to measure his heartbeat and his breathing. As we were standing there tears where streaming down her face....I was trying not to show my surprise and amazement that he was breathing at all.

As we stood there a machine started to beep....Louder and louder....At first we just looked around...Then it hit us...It was his...He had stopped breathing. I think we were both ready to start screaming, calling a nurse to come because in our mind he was dying...Then a nurse just casually came over...Stuck her hand in the slot of the incubator ...And with her finger touched him ever so slightly...The machine stopped and he was breathing again....Then we each took a breath ourselves.

That was 13 years ago and when asked what he wanted for Christmas this year, that young man would probably say......"Just some money..I am saving up for a tune up on the quad'

I will never forget that first Christmas with him...He was born the end of July and did not go home till November...With oxygen and a heart monitor attached. We had to be careful not to over stimulate him...So I held him most of the time so that my cousin and her husband could share Christmas activities with their other two daughters. He and I slept a lot that Christmas, he had worked so hard those first 3 months just to survive and I was working two jobs...We were both very tired.


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