Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So whats new?

Time just flys by...whats new? Well I have been working on getting our system "stable". Not that there were real big issues in that we were in danger of failing miserabley...but some people did not TEST or tested the same way I did in that they verified that the process would run...but mmmmm I think that they forgot that knowing how everything is supposed to work and what results are supposed to result....they forgot to verify that resulting DATA...So the result was that I needed to work the weekend and late nights to find out why the processes that ran without fail did not produce the results that the ALL knowing users expected. Lets remember that they had over two months to verify the RESULTs...but I guess they wanted to make sure I was doing my part correctly and that the processes ran at all...

Ok no really - it was a bit stressful for a few moments....hours....really days but all is well that ends well and I colored my GRAY hair and no one is the wiser...All is good....but another suggestion to anyone who happens to be a user of programs that are supported by your IT group.....If you get a new version of this software that you use EVERYDAY..in fact if you did not have it your job would be totally different...and you notice that things are not acting or looking or resulting as you would expect....do not wait till the last moment, days after experiencing these issues, days....critical hours before a HUGE deadline critical to MANY people to let your IT group know that there is a problem....Just a suggestion.

I am sure we all learned our lesson and next year will be much better.....Yeah right who am I kidding...Thank goodness it only happens once a year..whooooo.

Anyway....now hopefully things are at point that I can catch up with the day to day pile that is gathering on my desk and in my inbox. Cheers!!!


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