Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The never ending cake story....

When we last left our cake the second pan was in the oven.

I baked both pans and they took longer than the timed amount...(remember that I added some from another cake mix). I kept checking them with a toothpick to see if they were done..and kept adding time. Finally both halves were done. I let them cool. Then it was time to take them out of their smaller pans and put the two of them into the NEW cake pan that I had just had a lid and everything.

Well I tried and tried to gracefully remove the cakes out of the pan that had been their home. I had greased the bottom of the pans as recommended but still the stubborn little things would not come out. Ok I probably could of cut them in half and gotten them out ...but I did not want to "ruin" my masterpiece cakes. So I decided leave them where they were to frost and decorate them right there.

Two worries for me....ok maybe 3...I had baked them in with a Jet air oven.....never done that before...I was slightly afraid that maybe they were still not completely done.....and I was slightly afraid that they might be burnt on the bottom (although the oven cooks top down)....of course a 4th thought is just that the taste may not be good....maybe even bad.

Ok so worries aside it was time to frost and decorate the cakes. I frosted them no problem. I had bought some of those candy letters and stuff to write happy birthday and some decorative frosting to write the persons name. On one cake I wrote "happy birthday Name" and on the other I wrote the age. The letters are candy....stuck to paper...on some of the candy. the paper would not come off. Owell what's a little paper between friends huh.

Ok now it was time to wrap them for the night. What to do...hmmm the cake pan with the lid was perfect, only not anymore. So I would put some plastic wrap on them but it would stick to the frosting and the frosted letters. Ohh toothpicks would work on keeping the plastic wrap away from the top.....oh great I only had 3 left. Ok what to was late Steve was asleep, my brother was not home it was not like I could just run up to the store AGAIN. I know...spaghetti would work...break off some and put it in the cake to hold the plastic away from the top. No one would ever have to know. Finally they were wrapped and it was off to bed.

I think I might have had nightmares about the cake just being really gross. When I was getting them ready to go...I broke off one piece of the spaghetti...ohh luckily I was able to get the stuck piece did not break off that far down.

On the way to work this morning I decided to buy another cake just in case. I dropped Steve off at morning daycare and went to the store.....whoops I left my cash card in my jacket from my two walks up to the store the night before....GREAT now I can't get a cake. I looked in my wallet..just in case I had some cash. I had to have enough for the lunch out for the birthday as well as the cake....wheeeww luckily I had enough cash..funny thing is I rarely have cash.

I got the new cake and went into work. We set out the table for the celebration that would take place in a few hours...finished just in time to get notified that the person had called in sick...they were not going to be would all have to wait till tomorrow.

Like I said the story that never ends.


Anonymous si said...

this story & part one are representative of my culinary skills/luck also! :-D

i also worry too much, too -- what-would-everybody-think-type mentality. need to stop that.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I know I commented about this post last night! I think I wrote something like “Bake a cake a day and you’ll not have nightmares about baking cakes. (And don’t forget to mail me one a week).”

8:07 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Oh goodness LOL. You poor darling, ahh well, i still think you're a genius :)

4:02 AM  
Anonymous lawbrat said...

The spaghetti was pure genius!! Although, I was worried that the moisture of the cake make the pasta limp- but that didnt happen!

I suck at baking. I just go to the store and buy baked goods. I wont even attempt.

5:40 PM  

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