Friday, April 28, 2006

It just pisses me off

Why can't people just say what they mean and not lie and be deceitful. I don't go around and judge people by anything except who they are..who they present to me. I try to get to know people and form an opinion about how I feel. I let them know how that is...but why is it that most have to act like they are still in high school

....oh lets be friends, lets get to know each other, lets trust each other.....--Then some thing happens like they see your picture and oh whoops your not my definition of gorgeous so I will just blow you off because you don't deserve the respect I give the ant on the street by squishing you in your face...I would rather just blow you off and never speak to you again...that way I don't have to own up to my own jack ass judgments of you....

I am not gorgeous but I am also not hideous looking...if you care so much about how someone looks and your going to go online and want to be their friend then ask for their picture first and judge ahead of time before wasting everyone's time just so you can judge by a stupid ass picture.

Am I pissed I angry I sick of not being good enough because I don't look a certain way..YES...its not like I want to get married...Its NOT LIKE I ASKED YOU TO EVEN SPEAK TO ME.


Anonymous lawbrat said...


Phil would watch sex and the city with me sometimes. He used to think Miranda was not attractive, after getting to 'know her character', he thinks she is the best looking of the 4.

Besides, I think you are absolutely beautiful!

11:02 PM  
Blogger Kylee said...

Thank you -

6:37 PM  

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