Friday, April 07, 2006

Is it Monday yet??

No really...well maybe not really....

Today is my sisters birthday. We all went out to dinner together. She is much better not at a 100% yet and can't eat pizza yet, but much better.

Today is the start of Steve's spring break. Today at school he wrote two papers. One was about what he wanted to do on his vacation...his answer "see his dad". He knows he is not going to see him and he seems ok about that....but..

The second was about something that is special to him...guess what it is "ME". Yes this is his story word for word...letter by letter as he wrote it;

By Steve
My famulee book
my mom is speshl to me.
I like my mom becus shy plays with me.
we play to together.

Oh yeah made my day.

The weather in Seattle has been WONDERFUL. My friend and I have walked all but one day this week during our lunch. Its been wonderful. We have been getting ready for next week when we are scheduled to do the upgrade. I am going to start this weekend if I can. In fact I tried to start tonight and quickly got shut turns out the account I am using does not have the rights it should....and IT SHOULD. Owell I will just have to call the person that can fix it for me tomorrow. I hate having to call that person during the weekend but we all know what is going on is to be expected as a possibility.

Tomorrow is supposed to be Steve's second T-Ball game but he is going to be missing it because we already had plans to go to an Easter Egg hut put on by my sisters company. I kinda felt bad when I told the coach he was not going to be there..but then again they just made the schedule last week and well families do make plans right??? Anyway there are still 11 other games for him to play in. I think it will be ok.

We are also taking my sister to the Mariners game tomorrow night for "Dan Wilson" farewell night. That should be fun. I am sure that Steve and my sister will both be tired after our long day so we probably wont stay the whole game but that is ok. It will be fun.

My brother is having a poker part tomorrow night so when we get home...all the poker players will be here. Oh yeah and he invited our neighbor...hmmmmm

I heard a funny story today..

A guy goes into an Indian Restaurant with some friends. He has never eaten at one before so he is not sure about the food. He likes spicy foods and his friends have assured him that Indian food is usually pretty spicy. He orders his food and the waiter asks him...
Waiter: "Would you like that spicy or as is"
The guy thinks that he should be safe: "I will have as is"
The guy gets his food and its really spicy..its more spicy than anything he has ever eaten. His friends are giving up their waters for him. He finally askes the waiter...:"Whats up with this food, I thought this was mild"...
The waiter said "Well you ordered hazardous"

Gotta watch those accents huh.

Anyway since tomorrow is pretty full I will probably start the upgrade as long as my permissions problem gets solved on Sunday...I can't wait till its over and done..successfully!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!


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