Sunday, March 19, 2006

Some things.....hmmmm

Today Steve and I were heading to my parents house so that he could stay with my dad while mom my and I went birthday shopping for him. He had been difficult and argumentative with me all day. I said him

"Steve I hope that you will not be difficult with grandpa today and be a good listener"

Steve says to me "I will mom, I am always good with grandpa. I am just bad with you"

Well then, what can you say.

Yesterday we went to see the counselor and Steve talked and talked and talked. The counselor asked me how he slept and I said that he slept good but he did have bad dreams sometimes, sometimes he laughed in his sleep and sometimes he talked in his sleep. His counselor laughed and said "Not surprising..its almost surprising that he stops talking at all"

Last week Steve told his daycare teacher "My mom loves to do laundry"....well then I guess I have him fooled big time huh.


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