Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some things that people say.

There is a person at my work that seems to come up with some things that makes you wonder if she is really just clueless....

One day after my friend had gotten employee of the month, Sheri came into her office and said "Congratulations...it must be another rigged drawing huh?"

Gee thanks

Then one day we were in the training lab working on something and Sheri walked by and popped her head in and said "Are you ever going to be done training, you've been here forever by now?" That was to me since I am always in "training".

The other day there was a retirement reception for someone in the office and she was speaking to a rather large group about this person...
Sheri says "Cindy is one of the elite, part of the elite group that has the late lunch" I guess the rest of us are not so elite.

Just about every other day she stands in the lunch line an hour or so before its time and wants to pay for her lunch...she has been told many times that they don't take money for lunch early...she still trys and she still gets huffy when she is told NO.

Owell...it makes her feel good and we just laugh.

Oh then there is the bathroom bandit...this woman refuses to wash her hands. It never fails if she is inthe stall next to you and no one is washing or waiting...she will leave the stall and head straight for the door....I've seen her shoes...its always her.


Blogger Michelle said...

Hiya Kylee...ew ew ew ew ew to that woman...gross!

2:16 AM  

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