Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Seattle huh....

Thomas asked me what a new person in Seattle should see. Being a native of this fine city and state one would think that I have some intelligent answer to provide, can’t say that I do. The truth is there are many things that this area has to offer that I have never had the opportunity to experience.

Things I have done/Places I have visited include
Visiting Pike Place market – that is always a fun afternoon.

Club hoping down on Pioneer Square – A fun night is usually had by all. But then again the last time I was down there for such an outing was over 10 years ago.

BumperShoot is always a fun time – the live music, the beer, the food, the beer, the dancing, the beer…again that was 10 years ago.

My favorite things about living in this state is that if you want to go visit the beach you can do that and spend the weekend at Ocean Shores. That was fun but you had to bring your own night entertainment because the town shut down at 9pm. I have heard it has changed but its been along time since I went. Then if you want to go to the mountains and enjoy the snow just go in the opposite direction. The first time I had ever gone to any of the local mountains to see snow was this past Christmas season. It was a blast.

During the summer – and yes we do have them – nice ones in fact. There are a lot of fun places to go that involve the water. Back in the 10 years and more bracket we used to go to Leavenworth and go river rafting. That was always a blast. There is always Lake Washington and many various lakes around to go to. My family owns property with access to Mason Lake where we camp during the summer. There we can swim, fish, do some boating…all in the name of fun!!

There was a time when cruising was still legal and we would cruise Alki Beach..fun..But the beach itself is still fun.

Years ago as a kid I had been to the Seattle Aquarium and plan to visit again with Steve but the waterfront itself can be fun too.

I remember visiting the Ballard locks with my mom and my siblings but – I think it was fun….it was a long time ago. Of course the Zoo is always a nice place to go.

Seattle Center was fun when I was a teenager. I have not been there in many many years. I remember going to a Scorpions Laser show---that was fun. The two friends I was with met their future husbands on that trip. One is still married.

The Pacific Science Center is fun but I thought the one in Houston was better when I took Steve there.

Many many parks. Taking a ferry ride is nice too. I hear it is nice to visit Vashon Island – but I have never been there.

Seattle Botanical Gardens – I went years ago and really liked it. There is a small one in Bellevue where I work and my co-worker and I walk through it often.

Ohh going to the Gorge in George is fun to. I only went once to see the Steve Miller Band play and I didn’t even know who he was till I went. We went for the whole weekend, camping near a river – it was hot and we had a great time. When I heard the band play it was like ‘OHH YEAH I know this band’

Years ago I even visited the Symphony and the Ballet….That was fun too.

Places I still want to visit
Discovery Park.
Mnt Rainer
Mnt St. Helens
The Childrens Museum
The Space Needle
Museum of Flight
Argosy Cruise
Spirit of Washington Train
Tillcum Village
Burke Museum
Golden Garden Park
Northwest Trek

So you see I am not really much help – but I can say its all out there to explore –you just have to do it. Does anyone else have some experience in Seattle or surrounding areas to share?


Blogger Thomas said...

You should email me sometime. That way I can fill your inbox up.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I wanna come visit!! These places sound fantastic :o)

2:17 AM  

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