Friday, March 17, 2006

Build it and They will Come

Well Steve and I stayed home again today. I thought we were going to be able to go into work/daycare today but when we woke up Steve was still running a little fever. He was coughing and all congested. I figured that since there was not any school anyway that it would be better to stay home and try to get better. I felt better today except that my throat felt like there was a large frog stuck in it.

Steve's birthday present from his dad came in the mail today. I let him open it early. I knew what it was and figured it would give him something to enjoy while he was sick. It was a Discovery Channel show about dinosaurs. There are four "films" included that tell stories about different types of dinosaurs. He really enjoyed it.

Tonight he called his dad to thank him. He talked to the step mom and the first thing she says is "OH, you opened it already"...duh.

Steve told me today that her son told him that they were brothers now. I said yes that was true since daddy married her. I asked him if he was ok with that and he said yes. Now he has a big brother. Of course his dad had not told him about any of this, gosh big surprise. He such a smart boy.

Tomorrow I take him to his first counseling appointment. We shall see how that goes.

My counselor says that in no uncertain terms should I be taking Steve down in the car to visit his father. The agreement was that his father pay for the visits and the travel. He doesn't really pay child support just for that purpose and he is still trying to get out of what he agreed. She says that from what I told her it is his reponsibility to plan, schedule, pay for and execute Steve's visits and since we split all he has ever done is pay for it. Now he is asking me to take our son in my car for 9 hours to visit him. Steve will be in the car for no less than 18 hours and its my time and my car....I know she is right but I don't know if I can


Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I think—I know—your counselor is right. Steve’s dad needs follow through on at the very least the responsibilities he has agreed to assume. To me, it isn’t only the economic commitment he has agreed to with you, but also the honorable and fatherly commitment he has made to his son.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous jd's rose said...

You know if you were living in Australia his dad would be getting ripped off even if he was an attentive father who cared and was there for him, and his new wife and child would just have to suffer the financial consequences. How are the rules so different in two countries that are so alike. That sucks, girl.

8:22 PM  

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