Monday, February 13, 2006

Singing in the rain...

That is what we were doing today. My friend and I went on a great walk during lunch. We found a trail near our office that went through a wooded area with a couple of "streams" was like we were really in the woods not minutes from our office. It was great......then it started to rain, one point on our way back to the office we went into another wooded area and it sounded and felt like the hail/rain stopped...until we went back out into the open area...and it rained harder. We ended up getting very wet and looked like drowned rats walking back inside. was a great walk and we will be doing that more and more.

Valentines day is tomorrow...My valentine is Steve. We are going to celebrate Nick's Birthday; maybe go out to dinner; have a couple of cupcakes for desert....Other than that we will both be busy at our respective day homes.

Steve is busy creating his valentines cards for his friends. He is very carefully picking out the perfect dinosaur card for each of his friends, writing each one and carefully picking out the heart sticker to go with each one. The color of the heart and the dinosaur on the card is very important. I remember being a kid in school and being boy crazy...looking at each card I got and who it came from....looking for that special meaning that the card portrayed. Kind of funny now watching him carefully picking out and preparing each one. 19 of them...this may take all night.

We have said that valentines is for people that we care about...our friends, teachers, and family. Not just people we love but people we like...because we think that they are special. I like that......Steve told me today that he gave his teacher the heart ring off of yesterday's cup cake not because he loves her but because she is special to him.

Our office is having a Valentine's coffee and I am making "Devil Made me do it" eggs...should be interesting. We will be having a game of "Sweetheart Charades" and chocolate around the room.

I hope you all have a great day...remember its not just about love....its about special people we care about!!


Blogger Crystal said...

Steve is probably the best valentine ever. I am sure you two will have fun. Plus, you know he won't bust a move on you, so the pressure is off.

11:22 AM  

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