Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Recent emails

Well it looks like I am going to be rolling in some serious money pretty soon...

According to some recent email I have received the following will be occurring for me soon

1. I have been adopted as the next of kin for a poor deceased person worth 30 million dollars in which I will receive 40%

2. A prince has contacted me...NOT ONCE but TWICE and wants to just hand over 9 million dollars to me.....gee I wonder if he saw my picture on Myspace and decided I was in desperate need of some money for a complete cosmetic makeover...the idea of being given this kind of money is just so a prince no less.

3. Because I own a home I am guaranteed a LOAN that will reduce my monthly payment by 50%...boy they must not have gotten the memo that I "gave" my home to my ex husband and he sold it....

4. I won the LOTTERY worth 820 thousand from NOTTINGHAM. The funds will be direct deposited to my account from a bank in Africa

5. 30% of a 20 million dollar inheritance is mine if I just act as the benefactor as long as I don't tell the identity of the person I a working with...they are a very honest and trustworthy person...they said so in the email.

6. Approved for another loan on the home I no longer own...neither does my ex.

7. If I can be trusted I can obtain 30% of an inheritance...I guess my friends promised that I would send $1000 dollars to secure the transaction. Unfortunately I have not done so and I am being given a second chance to respond with the money and get my share of the inheritance. Whew...lucky me. I almost lost out on that one.

8. Oh..all my debt can go away if I JUST would get off my butt and get the pre-qualified loan on that home I no longer own.

9. My monthly mortgage payment can be cut in 1/2 if I would just act now.

10. Hundreds of dollars would be saved...I am already pre-approved on that home refinance loan....What am I thinking? What am I waiting for?

11. Maria Schranner a property magnate from Germany has died and since we had dealings with each other in the past (past life maybe) she left me some money in her will.

12. I am sad to say that Raymond Beck died in 1999 and left 25 million dollars unclaimed. I am to receive 35% of it if I act as next of kin.

13. I could receive 30% of a 15 million dollar inheritance for the death of Steve Moore who died in 2001.

OHhhh...I guess I should not have provided all my information??? Maybe I wont be getting all that just got another email from the Nigera AntiFraud Commission. They will fix it all if I send them my vital information


Blogger Michelle said...

LMAO!! Too funny. You know , i get them too, you'd think they'd learn by now. I guess some poor schmucks out there still fall for it!

2:14 AM  
Blogger Crystal said...

you mean...this stuff isn't true???

2:31 PM  
Blogger DDM said...

LOL!!! SO funny! The Nigerian ones stick out for me, because in a way, I did get hit by a Nigerian scam. I package and mail CD's for PhatPhuque', who is my neighbor and friend. He has a website where you can order his music cd. I got one for 400 CD's from someone in Nigeria. After I'd mailed them off, a few weeks later, he wrote saying he'd never gotten them. At about the same time, the credit card company contacted us and let us know that the card he used to order was stolen. Upon pointing this out, his "Where My CD'S?" messaged stopped. Abruptly.

12:22 PM  

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