Friday, February 17, 2006

Another week another...tidbit 8)


I can not believe another week has slipped by me. It never seems to stop amazing me how time just keeps going and never slows down.

Was just another day...EXCEPT for the roses I got from my wonderful friend at work!! It was so sweet. The last time I got roses was my first wedding anniversary. It was very nice to get these that day.

This week has been quite a challenge. We installed another update to our test system and found all kinds of problems. Its kind of funny when I am troubleshooting problems and find that the vendor changed a table column name and did not change the program to reference the new column. Then another problem in two different programs that I found were referencing non existent columns in tables. Funny huh.

We have been testing two different software packages this week from different vendors and we are troubleshooting and finding the problems but we can not tell the vendor because then our support agreement would be voided.....hmmm frustrating when we know the answers.

This week he told me that sometimes he gets mad at me because we don't live with his daddy. He has had some issues at school this week. It drains me. I have been thinking a lot about my leaving his dad, playing it all back in my head..the 6 years we spent together....I know I did the right thing but I have to replay it all over and over again. I hate that my son hurts. But I know he hurts less than he would have had we stayed.


I emailed a friend asked if they were still breathing....haven't heard...ohoh..maybe their not still breathing--Not really but you know.

Ever send an email and say "let me know if you don't get this"....I have....I mean DUH.

When its 26 degrees and people are eating their lunch outside just to enjoy the sun...YUP that was me and my friend today.

is mid-winter break. I took most of the week off. I think Steve and I are going to go to the Science museum and the aquarium. We are very excited!!

I got my tax return back....WOHOOOO

anyway..before I bore you all ....I will try to come up with something interesting to post...HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!


Blogger Meow said...

Roses, how beautiful. What a lovely friend.
Hope you enjoy your mid winter break next week. Enjoy your weekend, also. Take care, Meow

1:48 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Yaaaay cash to splash!
LOL, i have sent an email saying the exact same thing LOL!
You and Steve will have a blast at the science museum and aqaurium :)
Never doubt you did the right thing, it's difficult now because of his will get better :)

1:53 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Enjoy your time off!

10:37 PM  

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