Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Training day 2...

Well I was much more relaxed today. I was not so worried about walking in by myself and I was actually a little early.

We covered a lot and that was good. Although I do not do the day to day work on the program we are training on..I do have to support the users that do...so it is good that I understand as much as I can. It is very clear that this trainer knows what he is talking about and that is very good.

The thing that is kind of annoying in this class...is that I am trying so hard to be good and not eat bad things...and yesterday they had cookies; chocolate chocolate ship, chocolate chip, macadamia white chocolate ...I think and I did not have even one...whoo hooo...
of course they were sitting on the table right next to where I was sitting and I still was able to resist.

Today I was sitting in my usually spot in the back of the room and I kept hearing this little voice...

"Hey I am over here...hey you...over hear"
then I realized that the left over cookies were back on the table behind me..trying to get my attention..again I was able to resist.

This morning a big box of fresh donuts was brought in ....I did not look too closely, I mean if I had they might have been able to trap me in their evil deceptive trance..but it looked like a box of like 3 dozen..I mean there were ALOT of donuts in that box. Again I was able to resist the evil temptation.

Surprisingly it was easier than I thought.

Back home Steve and I had some more issues...he talked to his dad...he did not really want to..but he did.....
"Dad...I love you..I just don't want to talk to you.."
"I am a little sad because I miss you..."
dad talking....
"Dad I love you bye"....
real short conversation and all he said to me was that he missed his dad so he did not want to talk to him..ok what can I say.

He got a timeout tonight....and lost access to any chance at getting a cookie tomorrow...We got his homework done..under duress (the timeout) , got the bath done and read yet another insightful dinosaur book from the school library..I am thinking they should be running out soon..but who knows. I am sure he will go back for another tomorrow during recess.

other than that...my world is quiet and well quiet like me I guess.


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