Friday, January 13, 2006

Some memories...

One of my cousins is just one year older than I am ...our mothers are sisters. When we were kids we all spent just about every weekend at their house.
I used to really get on his nerves.....I mean
1. I was a girl..and girls have no idea how to play with hot wheels and stuff. Although I tried to be just one of the guys..somethings just can't be helped.
2. For a long time I used to one wanted me around then. That was remedied when I said Bull S%%% to one of the other cousins and she threatened to tell on me... I quickly realized how it felt.
3. I was ALWAYS taller than he was
4 and well I always kicked his butt in soccer....

There was one thing he really loved to tease me glasses. I think he felt very safe that it was something that he could always get me on and I could not get him on. I was very sensitive about them. Everyone teased me about them for as long as I could remember..I had been wearing them since I was 2. The other thing was he always beat me in games.

Then we grew up...about 4 years ago I came home for a visit and went to his house...we hugged and I asked how things were going....asking the normal catch up questions...and he says..."thats it"...
Me confused..."what do you mean?"
He said..."You don't have anything to say to me" as he kind of pointed at the glasses he was wearing...
Me "oh...yeah I had heard about those...They look good" again he said "What thats it?"...I said "yeah, why?"....he looked relieved. I guess he expected me just to really tease him after all the years he teased me......the thought had not even crossed my mind. He really did look good.

Probably the same year...or the year after we were all camping and reminiscing about the good ol days...when we were always at their house every weekend.
He said..."Remember when we used to play Battleship all the time"
I said "Yeah...I always lost"
He said "I cheated...I moved my ships and it was hard, because you were good"

What is the point? I don't know.......