Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to the real world

Well today was the first day back to reality. Last night I was so afraid of being late for work and taking Steve to school late...I could not sleep...guess what...Yup that's it we were late. Man it never fails.

Over all the day went very well. At lunch I went to Home Depot and picked up a wood blind for my front window..It almost took up my whole back seat...there was barely enough room for Steve. After that I went and got some lunch..since I was almost out of gas I stopped at the gas station. My car did not start....Ok hello its the beginning of a new year...I don't need car troubles to start it out.

I tried to start my car again...it started...with one caveat.....The check engine light is on. Ok...well ok...it will be ok...I live 25 miles away from where I work and Steve goes to school...ok all I need is a broken down car. Don't panic it will all be ok.

On the way home the light went out...and I will just take it in this weekend or next week, just to be sure.

We successfully got home....had soup and sandwiches for dinner....did Steve's homework...and now all thats left is my little workout...

Yup overall a good day back in the real world.


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