Saturday, April 29, 2006

As time goes on...

Today is family day...actually it is family weekend. My family is a very close one and there is nothing more special than family.

Steve has a game today and pictures with his T-Ball team. After the game we are all going to go to my cousins house for a birthday dinner for my aunt. After that the older kids are going to babysit the younger kids and then grownups are going to go to the casino to continue celebrate my aunts 65th birthday.

It should be fun. We will be going to a casino that I have never been to before. My family will be busy playing the machines as I will be busy people watching. My cousin and I will walk around and see what we can see. Steve is very excited he love's going to visit my cousins, his second cousins. He has a great time whenever we go.

At times my mind gets clouded with things that are not important and I forget for a moment that those things don't really matter....I come here and vent and feel much better. I have a great life; what people think about me in anyway doesn't matter; I know what I am and I am proud of what/who I am. Beyond that its all outside matter that I have to sometimes remind myself is not important.

I forget that I am in control of my happiness...sometimes I sabotage that by letting silly crazy things in....I guess most people do sometimes. I could delete my posts where I go off on silly things but they help remind me of these things.

For me being reminded that I am sometimes unrealistic and petty is good...because I need to try and not be that way so much and appreciate all that I am all that I have.


Blogger Michelle said...

You're a clever cookie :)
It's best to keep those posts just as you said, it's a way of venting and reminding yourself of all the fab things in your life.
I remember, a mother of a client i had. She phoned me one day about her son's court case. She began tellig me how proud she was of me.......i was thinking, wow, what a nice lady.....UNTIL, she said why she was proud of me LOL.
She was proud of me because if her words...."I was that ugly, i would never even step outside my front door" LMAO....true story.
Now, i aint no oil painting, but i sure as hell aint someone you'd run and hide from either LOL, still her comment made me question myself for many days.
Don't let the parasites of this world mask the good stuff :o)

5:34 PM  
Blogger Kylee said...

Thanks Michelle. Personally I think you are beautiful!!!

6:34 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Awww...i just wanted to share that funny story with you. i remember her so vividly, and how she had the gall to even say that to someone just shocked me!

10:58 PM  

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