Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Weekend..

Steve and I stayed home from school and work on Friday. All week we had both been fighting off a cold virus of some sort. Thursday I excused Steve from doing his page of handwriting homework after he did not eat more than two bites of his dinner. I laid him on the couch and allowed him to watch a movie. The new rule has been no TV on school nights....but I broke that rule because I knew he was not feeling well. He watched his movie and then went to bed and was asleep before 8pm. That is unheard of for him. He woke up the first time at 9:30 to throw up..then again a couple more times. After sleeping in the next morning, he seemed to feel pretty good all day. He usually does bounce back pretty quick.

Saturday we continued to keep it pretty low key and he was feeling good so I took him to the baseball clinic at the high school. It was touch and go there at first; he was hiding behind my arm as the coach introduced the high school players to the boys....but one of the older boys stopped and talked to Steve and in a couple of seconds he was on his way. He ran the field, played catch, played the catcher, tried to catch some fly balls, and practiced hitting the ball before telling me his ear was hurting. I asked a couple of times before we left if he was sure he did not want to finish out the clinic and he said no, his ear was hurting. But the clinic was wonderful..they do it every year and the high school boys were very good with the younger boys. I watched was great.

Steve never did run a fever....and if his ear continues to hurt I will take him to the not word one about his ear. He woke up this morning at 6am because his throat hurt and he was all stuffed up. I think his throat was all dry from breathing through his mouth. He is sleeping very restlessly tonight, so we shall see.

Last night was my night out and my sister came over to stay with Steve and I went. We went to a different casino...I played the slots for $5. That was my limit to loose...not real crazy about the gambling..I would much rather watch other people lose their money.

We went with Lynn's friend from California. She was tiny..she was also a red head. So we had the blond, brunette and the red head...It was actually kind of funny. I had a good time...once I left my house and could not change my shirt anymore I was ok..not feeling all self conscious. Lynn's friend was really tired from their night out the night before so it was kind of a low key night. It was fun and I am glad I went.

We met a bunch of other women there...they were all married. One of them told us that she took off her wedding ring for the night so that she could have some "fun"...not sure what she meant by that. I mean why could she not have fun with her ring on? Because some guy might not ask her to dance or something...she should not be dancing with a strange man anyway, why not just dance with your girlfriends...thats fun. Ohh the whole idea just makes me sick. My ex used to take his ring off when he played in his band until he finally "lost" it. If you don't want to be married then don't be....let the other person get on with their lives but dont play this stupid cat and mouse game....taking off your ring for a night out on the town...I think that is very disrespectful of your most sacred relationship. ok I am done now.

Next month with be my sisters birthday so grandma and grandpa are going to watch Steve so I can take my sister out....we will do what she wants to do so I am sure it will be a small local least there wont be any smoking in it....last night my eyes were burning so bad from the smoke I could not stand it.

Well I think I will try to visit you all before I go to sleep.



Blogger bryan torre said...

I never did the ring thing, but I saw people who did. But I thot only guys did it. Guess I'm just an innocent... :-)

2:20 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

So glad you had a terrific time :)
Wonderful news about the baseball, yaay Steve enjoyed it :)
I agree re the wedding ring thing, good point you made.

2:31 AM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The taking the ring off thing would never have worked for me. I suntan easily and there was always a white band of skin on my finger beneath my ring.

9:16 PM  

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