Monday, March 13, 2006

Moving on.....

Well Thanks to all for your support!! I ended up compromising with the ex. Steve will be going down to visit for 5 weeks instead of six. Dave said…”He has NEVER had ANY problems while he has been visiting me”. That’s his idea of everything is ok. To be fair he only thinks about what happens when Steve is with him and has no concept of anything outside of his own little world. And he did not have to call me when Steve got so upset during a thunderstorm that he could not calm him down or when there were bugs in their tent…..Oh yeah he did. Poor Steve was beside himself and I talked him through the panic. That was at the end of the last summer’s visit. The scary part is that the ex has not acknowledged my compromise….he got the email and said nothing. But then again that is par for the course for him these days.

I did call the counselor that Steve’s school counselor highly recommended. She was not on my insurance but I figured that helping Steve cope was better than winging it. I am trying to do what is best for everyone and making sure my son has the tools to cope is the most important. That counselor did not have any availability but after speaking with me she recommended someone else in her office. We have an appointment next Saturday and this one is covered by my insurance. He is a smart, intelligent, sensitive, loving child and much like me he feels the hurt others feel. I don’t want him to feel my hurt I want him to feel my love. I think…THINK….I am doing ok with that.

Steve and I went to the Zoo yesterday. We had a great time. It was much more crowded this time compared to last time. We just walked for hours looking at all the animals.

We saw this eagle....I have mixed feelings about him being locked up and unable to fly...but I have to say it was an amazing site. I did a report on the Bald Eagles years ago in middle school I think.


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