Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The first possible disappointment.....

Awhile ago I had mentioned that Steve might be going to visit his dad during Spring break. That was a good thing because shorter more frequent visits are recommended....I thought that he would be going to visit because his dad had asked him about it and asked him if he wanted to visit during the spring break.

Well Steve's dad and I have not discussed it but I did not see a problem. About a month ago I sent him an email asking him about it.....we have not talked on the phone since Steve's last visit. He never responded to that email. Yesterday I forwarded the same email and asked him if he was still planning in Steve visiting this time he responded. He said that with the plane ticket prices being so high that he would just like to have Steve for two months during summer break. He has to pay for 3 round trip tickets because I wont let Steve fly on his own, nor do I believe that Steve would get on a plane on his own. All of which was agreed on when I left.

I was proud of myself because I responded that I still dont think that Steve being there for more than 4 weeks or MAYBE 5 weeks would be a good idea. Then I added that I wished he had thought about the cost before talking to Steve about the visit.

I don't feel sorry for the man at all. He pays me $100 a month and that is for child support in our paperwork but that is actaully for his portion of a student loan that we consolidated. The only reason it looks like child support in the paperwork is because it is required in the state we divorced in. He could plan for these visits, put money aside for these visits, plan ahead just a little. I told him last time that we could go back to court and renogotiate but that I was not going to back down on his paying for all 3 plane tickets when we are in this current agreement.

So the basis of the story is that Steve might not be going to visit his dad during spring break. And I am probably going to be the one that has to break that news to him.


Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

$100.00/month is absurd! A minimum of $100.00/would be more like it.

A parent who breaks promises to a child gives the child a terrible message. Your ex-husband needs to realize that.

Of course, I realize you have no control over him and that puts an unreasonable burden on you.

7:18 AM  

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