Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today was a wonderful day. We got up and Steve was up and atom ready to go ..excited to be 6. First we went to my work since we were early make an adventure. I took him to school and told him I would seen him I walked out the door I heard him tell his teacher "You know what I am six today...yup its my birthday".

At 2 I was back at school to share brownies and candy with the class. Steve was smiling ear to ear happy to see me, excited to share with his friends. They all sat at their tables and Steve passed out napkins to them as I passed out their brownies. After that Steve wanted to make sure they all enjoyed their treat so we went to each table and asked them one by one if they liked it...I am happy to report that each and every one of them said they did.

Next they put on a live poetry reading to me....something about was very cute...I obviously don't remember it exactly..bad mom.

Then we passed out the candy bags...another excitement of Steve's. He loved giving his friends his treat.

Today was Steve's second counseling appointment. We are still at the state where the counselor and counselees are getting to know each other so really no news there.

Then it was off to the rainforest cafe. We did not sit near the elephants because they are loud and scare Steve. We sat near the waterfall. So my mom could not hear anything. But it was nice. Steve had a great time. He kept saying..."Mom I really like being 6"

Tonight he is asleep in his own bed....the only night he has slept in his own room in the year we have lived here is the couple of days before I got my bed..then we both slept there. He said he is 6 now...he is smarter and he needs to sleep in his own room. It took some time..but he is asleep...and in his own room. WOW what a step ...what a huge step.

I love my little monkey butt...he is the best...
I think he told me 100 times "Mom, I love you"

He is amazing!!


Blogger Michelle said...

Awww, the precious darling :)
So glad you had a wonderful day.
Fab news about Steve being in his own bed...keep reinforcing the fact how proud you are of him being able to sleep on his own, and how special he is to be 6.

You've done an amazing job..Congrats, sounds like you had a great day!

10:23 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

One word: awwwwwww!

1:11 AM  
Blogger Meow said...

Sounds like Steve had a fabulous day. I bet you did too. He appears to be a gorgeous well adjusted child, a credit to you. Take care, Meow

1:30 AM  
Anonymous jd's rose said...


How cute is that?! I like it when they are little.


5:49 PM  

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