Saturday, February 11, 2006

This weeks..tidbits

Oh I just wanted to stay home. It had taken us 1 hour and 1/2 to drive home after the Superbowl event at my cousin's house and it should have taken half that. The Superbowl was kinda depressing.....the bad calls and the way the Seahawks kind of let it slip by them in the second half. Steve wanted to stay home too. He has been fighting off a nasty cold and woke up grumpy and argumentative just wanting to stay home with me. Well then all of a sudden he changed his mind and was ready to go. Traffic was awful but luckily we were on time for school. He probably could have stayed home that day...its a fine line on when they are not feeling well enough to stay home or they just need to go to school. He would stay home everyday if he could.

This week has been a little better as far as the temper tantrums go.....The biggest issues have been from the time that I pick him up from day care and we drive home..thats when he gets angry at me, kicks, yells and hits.....He says that it just makes him angry when I say things wrong and when I don't understand right away when he is saying....mmmmmmm.

We got him signed up for T-Ball last night. That should be fun. He could have played last year..but I did not get any information on it and was very busy starting a new job and a new life. He will have fun this year.

A problem was reported to me about how a report was being calculated at work. After doing some testing and investigation it looked pretty straight forward as to what might be the problem. There are two ways to run the exact same report and one way the totals come out correct and the other the totals are different but the data is the same in both cases. I reported this to our software vendor and have yet to get an answer to any of the questions that I have asked. I could debug the takes me longer because I don't know the software like they do of course...but the questions I ask are not being answered and instead I am getting questioned about how I am running the two versions of the report.....and I have already provided them all that information. I think it is a personality conflict with this one support person. And that is hard for me to handle because I usually get along with people without such issues......Now he wants to "debug" on our production system without first answering my design is so frustrating that I will probably look through the system till I find the answers to my question between tonight and tomorrow night and continue till I find the problem myself.

I have seen it in every professional situation that I have been in...departments don't talk, don't collaborate, don't work together.....why? Its seems like they are afraid that the other department will make them obsolete...which to me is ridiculous. If we all just work together and collaborate we can get better results, better answers. I know I can't think of everything that there is to think about in a situation....I will never have enough experience for that....I need to work with others. I did not like it when in school they forced us to do group work...but I did learn that it is important and you do get better results in the end.

George from ABC software has an idea on how these two packages can talk to each other
Stuart from electronics department has an idea how these two packages can talk to each other.....get them together and we'll get a big pile of crap....

Oh does that kind of contradict what I just said...the other problem is not including all the right the people that have to end up supporting the project in the end.

They found the body of a missing woman no far from my home. Within the area I grew up in...they area I always felt safe in. We probably had party in the wooded area she was found in some upteen years ago....its sad how things the more people we cram into areas the more violence, drugs, and overall crime happen. When I was in highschool and then again several years later I saw drugs pass through this area like a wave.....taking out some very good people.....People change and in most cases life circumstances have everything to do with it....drugs destroyed some people I knew and some people I loved.......

The baby was born...I found his picture on the hospital web site last week. His girlfriend emailed me....but none of us have heard from him. We love him and it makes us sad.

It has been gorgeous here.....Cold but beautiful. It did rain one morning but by lunch time it was perfect for a walk. My friend and I walked everyday this week. I loved it. The sun was bright and you could feel its warmth through the crisp air. I knew I loved it here!!!

Steve and I got a year pass to the ZOO for Christmas. Because of the weather we have not been able to go yet....tomorrow we are going. WE are so Steve says ...we can go whenever we want to!!!

I have been so tired for the last couple of weeks I can't stand it. I have been eatihg right, energy level is supposed to be increasing but lately I have been tired and when I am tired I am hungry and its hard to fight that off. My body is sore and its not like I am over-doing it with the exercising. In fact I have slowed my pace thinking that is why I am so tired. Hopefully...this too shall pass. But I did get my hair cut.... finally its only been like 3 months. Not too short either....

Its been a really quiet week but I have enjoyed it. I love my job and I love going to work...and I love it even more because I have a wonderful friend to share my day with while I am there. Like she said yesterday, we are very lucky....sometimes we forget how lucky we are....but that too is human nature....when you get reminded of that..cherish it and those forgetful times for most of us are few and far between. dont beat yourself up about those.....because they are human nature.



Blogger Michelle said...

Hiya Kylee, was begining to worry, you'd not posted in a bit :)
Glad you love your job, so amny people out there are stuck in jobs that make them miserable. I agree, i don't know why people won't talk, i'm having issues myself with all my staff, their lack of communication is driving me nuts...and get this, because i'm ranting to my boss about it, she thinks i'm stressed and nuts LOL!! It's not me who is the problem, it's them *sigh* LOL.
Glad the baby was born healthy, cross fingers for some "communication" between you all soon :)
I hear sucks when people don't understand what you're trying to say! Hopefully the tball will let him take a bit of frustration out :) Zoo??? You lucky ducks! Take lots of photos please ;)

12:46 PM  
Anonymous JD's Rose said...

Hehe. I was tired and eating lots too... now look at me! Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you!

How cute is Steve going to be in a little t-ball uniform? The bat is going to be as big as him.

I hope that J is ok...


2:22 AM  
Blogger Meow said...

Hi Kylee, missed ya this week. Glad you're OK. Hope the weekend is going well. Take care, Meow

3:36 AM  
Blogger Kylee said...

Michelle:thanks I am fine. I never understand the lack of communication in any relationship the amount that occurs in the professional environment just continues to surprise me.

JD: Thats funny..yeah have thought of you...only can't be my problem...basically impossible 8)

Meow: Thanks

Nick: I know I saw a comment on disappeared in blogger land

10:02 PM  

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