Sunday, January 22, 2006

Seahawk Sunday

Well I guess I have been a little stuck on my uncle and J but I am moving on now.

Today is the biggest game of Seahawk history. In 1984 the Seahawks played this game..but I don't believe that anyone really believed that they would win. Today there are believers out there. LOTS of them. In fact they are expected to win.

For as long as I can remember my family watches SUNDAY football and they are HUGE Seahawk fans. Wind, Rain, severe loses....They watched and they endured it all. I remember my cousin saying "Seahawks are #1" while they were loosing 48 to nothin.

Right now there are a lot of fair weather fans out there but I also remember the days when the Seahawks had sold out games every home game no matter how they played. Those days are now back but for awhile they struggled to get people in the seats.

I don't know what Seattle would do with having a champion team calling here home. WOW that would be amazing. How fun this is going to be......Anyway wish the Seahawks luck..I think they are due and so are we!!!


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