Sunday, January 22, 2006

ohhh I am Sorry..

to leave you all hanging there.

That was the first story I ever heard about the cousin I was never to meet. My uncle went into the army shortly after and never had the heart, energy, money to really fight for his son. Shannon was beyond his reach. She needed the family money and my uncle never faulted her for that. He always felt he was living a dream being with her at all. As for his son; he never forgave himself for the decisions he made although he felt that he really did not have any other choice available at the time.

I know he had friends in town where Michael grew up that wrote him about Michaels progress in life. We know he went to Desert Storm and we know he came home. We know that he had moved to California, was married with two kids. My uncle found him, wrote him a letter that I know was heart felt and hard to write. But he never heard back. After my uncle passed away J heard from Michael. But J was very young and angry over his fathers death and very angry at Michael for never contacting his father that he never responded to Michaels letter.

My mom and I have talked about finding Michael. But I think a part of us is also afraid that he wont want to hear from us and then are we just invading his privacy. This is between J and Michael now that my uncle has passed away.

Ohhh and I still have not heard back from J.......


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