Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Bar Scene..

Well we went out...I had fun..
My brother showed up at the house just in time to go with me. We met up with my sister and her friends at the bar. The bar was a place that her friend's sister in law worked at so that was why it was the chosen place.

Probably 10-11 years ago I had been in that bar...I can say ITS changed...or at least the clientele has. Now they have a DJ...everything else looks the same. The music and dancing was something out of "Dangerous Minds"....Right in the middle of the Rap songs there was a country song and they dancing stayed the same.

It was interesting. We played darts. My sister played one game..she never does well so she quit. My brother and I played a total of 7 games. I smoked him 5 out of 7.

There was alot of "close" dancing..and it was a mixed variety of "close" dancing. I went to the restroom once and one lady didn't 't even bother to shut her stall door..I guess she was giving her friend a sneak preview because she was sitting on the floor on the opposite wall.

On the way home we were talking...We both agreed that the bar scene was not a place to meet anyone...It makes me wonder how does one meet people? How do people find people to "date"? I mean not the bar scene..for obvious reasons, not at work, not at the grocery store, maybe at the school, maybe at kids sport events (those two don't seem right to me)...not online....I mean really how does the dating thing happen? My brother needs to date...he is 28 and a great job, a house and an all around great guy. I am not ready. I think I was able to relax at this place because I knew I did not care what these people thought of me. It was weird because most of them were either way older or way younger. I did not fit into their world so I can only assume that they did not think much of me and I was ok with that. I want to be ok with that no matter what the situation is....if people don't like me that should be ok..because I am happy with who I am!!

Anyway overall it was interesting and fun. Not something I would even consider doing every weekend...but once in a while is ok.

The best part..I don't smell like an ash tray....

oh and

GO HAWKS ----they haven't made it this far since 1984
27 days of consecutive rain...getting kinda soggy....


Blogger JD's Rose said...

I think that you get to that stage where you are just over the pubs/clubs thing, and all of the sudden sitting on the grass in your sloppy joe's, at a friend's place seems more enjoyable.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Oh yes, i agree with "kylz"!
Main thing is you got to spend time with your family :)
If your not ready, just enjoy your own company, the rest will happen for you :)
I am waaay over the bar scene...i feel lke a dinosaur in those places LOL.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Kylee said...

Yeah, I suggested that next time we do something we go bowling or something. The bar scene is not my scene - it was fun at one point..but I am way over it myself...I just need to meet more people and do more things.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I suddenly realized that I haven’t been in a bar for at least a year—and a few years ago I was in one 5 nights out of 7! (I helped the ex-wife of a pastor who was in seminary with me manage the bar she owned after her boyfriend, who was managing it, was arrested for embezzling. But that’s another story in my life filled with stories).

I made myself a couple of rules two years after I was divorced: (1) Never go into a bar looking for a woman to date and (2) Never date a woman met in a bar. Of course, I created those rules based upon experience.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Kylee said...

Nick...good rules...Its just funny how many people actually do. I have dated one person I met at a bar. I was 22 working at a bar and he was a friend of a friend that came to the bar one nite. It was a short dating experience. It was fun..but he was seriously in love with his ex girlfriend...who is now his wife. In fact when Steve played soccer this last fall she was the assistant coach.

8:43 PM  
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